Where the Wild West Still Lives On

They may not riding horses and they may not be fighting indians, but the job of the men and women of the United States Border Patrol seems mighty close that of the peacekeepers of the Old West. From drug dealers and terrorists to illegal immigrants, the Border Patrol gets it all. In Desert Duty: on the line with the U. S. border patrol, we get a candid in-your-face look at what it takes to be a part of this unique team. The authors, Bill Broyles and Mark Haynes call this duty a 'hero job', and once you read what these people have to deal with, you'll understand why.

Here are some other titles that also deal with the work of the Border Patrol.


Blockading the Border and Human Rights: the El Paso Operation that remade immigration enforcement.

Patroling Chaos: the U.S. border patrol in deep south Texas

Drug War Zone: frontline dispatches from the streets if El Paso and Juarez