While You’re Waiting for Unearthly…

unearthly bookjacketI read Unearthly as soon as I could get my hands on it.  I’m not usually a big paranormal romance reader, but it had gotten good reviews and was nominated for the Lone Star list so I thought I should investigate further.  I finished it in one weekend.  I couldn’t stop reading it.  I told people I was busy and couldn’t hang out with them just so I could plow through to the end.  Once I only had a few more pages left…I put it down.  I just didn’t want it to be over.  Luckily it is part of a planned trilogy, so I’ll have some other titles to look forward to.  If you are on the waiting list for Unearthly or if you finished it already and (like me) are looking for something good to read, you might check out some of these other titles available through HCPL.  What would you recommend?

Mer’s Waiting for Unearthly Picks:

secrets april may june bookjackettithefrenzy bookjacketnightshade bookjacketwither bookjacket





jekel loves hyde bookjackethush hush bookjacketonce dead twice shy bookjacketrepossessed bookjacketfallen bookjacket





keturah lord death bookjacketeternal ones bookjackettantalize bookjacketfallen angel bookjacketparanormalcy bookjacket