Whispered Words of Love

Whispered Words of Love

How do they compare with Romance Novels on Compact Disc?

Well alright, endearments whispered in the ear beat stories about love hands down. But there are times when such a ticklish thrill would be unnecessarily distracting. Driving a car, for instance, or operating heavy machinery where such a distraction would lead to disaster and not affection. As a matter of fact it might significantly decrease the time available for affection, perhaps even eliminate it entirely.

For times like these you need these:

A Rogue of My Own      A Rogue of My Own / Johanna Lindsey; read by Rosalyn Landor
Rebecca Marshall arrives at Buckingham Palace, the new residence of Queen Victoria, as a maid of honor. Unfortunately, her new roommate has a very sharp tongue and matching malicious streak. She persuades Rebecca to dress up to attend a costume ball in the evening dressed in a man’s costume, knowing that the event is not scheduled until tomorrow. Rebecca is saved from embarrassment only by a chance encounter.

"’Got your days mixed up, old chap?’ a male voice asked from behind her. "The costume ball is tomorrow night." The man turned his head and glanced at her briefly as he walked by.

Rebecca stopped in her tracks. Him? What was he doing here?”

He is Rupert St. John, the Marquis of Rochwood, a man Rebecca has had a crush on for several years.

“She thought of him as The Angel. He was too beautiful to be just an ordinary man. So tall and strapping, with long black hair that bounced about his shoulders with his long stride. She's thought his eyes were a light gray, but then she'd never been so close to him before. At his brief glance just now, she saw that they were actually a lovely shade of pale blue. … Of course she knew he wasn't an angel. She'd even heard some vague rumors about Julie Locke's son being a notorious skirt-chaser, which was a kinder way of saying he was a rake of the worst sort. She hadn't believed a word of it. How could anything tawdry be associated with him?”

Rosalyn Landor provides the right British accents: English, Scots, upper and lower class, masculine and feminine, to add sprightly authenticity to an American author’s tale of intrigue in a nineteenth century English monarch’s court

Natural Born Charmer      Natural Born Charmer / Susan Elizabeth Phillips; performed by Anna Fields
Phillips kicks off this romantic comedy with a wonderful hook for a first line, “It wasn't every day a guy saw a headless beaver marching down the side of a road, not even in Dean Robillard's larger-than-life world.” Handsome Dean is a pro football quarterback and Blue, the angry girl in the beaver costume with the head off is the daughter of a famous political activist and a commercial portrait painter who secretly yearns to paint landscapes filled with fanciful fairies. In a way Natural Born Charmer is a bit of a fairy tale itself, populated with eccentrics and celebrities with the means to make their wishes come true. And what a witty and well-crafted tale it is, with a plot that moves right along, unfolding new surprises and delights along the way. Fields does a marvelous job of vocal characterization for a full set of different characters in addition to the rapid fire repartee between the hero and heroine.

In January 2008 this production was cited by Library Journal as one of the Best Audio Books of 2007 and by Booklist as an Editors’ Choice audio recording for 2007.

Angels Fall      Angels Fall / by Nora Roberts; read by Joyce Bean

Escaping from lingering obsessive memories of a brutal and senseless mass murder in Boston, chef Reece Gilmore finds herself applying for the job of cook at a local diner in Angel’s Fist, Wyoming. The menu and the kitchen are not quite what she’s trained for, but the calm scenery of the Grand Tetons make up for what the diner may be lacking. But as soon as she plans to settle in and take a relaxing hike to enjoy the scenery she witnesses a woman strangled to death on a lonely trail. But when she reports this to the local police they find no trace of the crime. Then strange and threatening things start happening in her apartment

A master of her craft, Roberts delivers both sensuality and suspense in this tale. The sensuality is not limited to the romantic encounters of Reece and her new lover, but also in the details of the food and the beauty of the land, and the thrills come from threats both psychological and physical.

  • And remember when things get too intense for comfort, you can always stop the disc and then start right back in at the same point when you are ready. This may be another area where the voice of a well trained actress on CD can outperform a human boy- or girlfriend, no matter how well you think you have them trained. They can also perform for over an hour at a time before you need to change the disc.