Who is on the horizon in SF?

Let's indulge our own Science Fiction future sight and see if we can predict the rising stars of Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction/Fantasy). 

Lamentation by Ken ScholesWhat about Ken Scholes?  Winner of the 2004 Writers of the Future contest as well as author of 2009 release, Lamentation, Scholes has a large story to tell in the Psalms of Isaak series, set for five books.  The second book, Canticle, is set for release in Fall 2009.

Jay Lake, a prolific short story writer as well as author of Mainspring, Escapement and the Summer 2009 released Green, has already earned a reputation among his peers.  Is the mainstream public already looking to him for their SciFi reading needs?

Maybe it is Mary Robinette Kowal?  John A. Pitts?  Who would you add to the list of rising stars in the SF world?  What new authors have you discovered?