Who Ruled SF during the Summer?

In the months of June, July, and August, the libraries get even busier than usual.  Our customers get busy reading more, too, but do you know what SF we read most during those months?  Looks like a lot of us, including myself, decided to spend time with Harry -- Harry Dresden.  Changes took the top spot.  The title entered the library system in April, but he was still going strong in the summer.  Guess we just can't get enough of Harry.  And I have to say, this one has to be one of my favorite of the Dresden Files books.   Do you have a favorite Dresden Files book?

The next in our top three for the summer, one of the Young Adult SF books came in at number two.  James Patterson's Daniel X: Watch the Skies took the next top spot.  It gives me hope we have another generation of SF readers on their way to exploring authors like Brin, Weber, Duncan, and so many more.  I've been known to dabble in the YA SF, but the book I enjoyed most early this year was Ice by Sarah Beth Durst.  Not many fairy tales are retold well, but Ice takes the fairy tale of East of the Sun, West of the Moon and brings it to a fresh new urban fantasy.

Our third of the SF Summer Reads was Dragon Haven, the second book in Robin Hobb's new Rain Wilds Chronicles.  The universe the same as her Liveship Traders, Hobb continues to establish her excellence in contemporary fantasy.  I'm also just a sucker for a fantastically crafted, alternate world with dragons.  


Butcher rules for me!  I

Butcher rules for me!  I liked the appropriately named Changes, but my sentimental favorite is Blood Rites, because I am a Thomas fan.