Who Will Get The Green Lantern Ring in Superman Vs. Batman?

Green Lantern Corp Revolt My latest Google Searches on the casting of the Superman vs Batman movie have yielded some interesting results regarding Green Lantern.  It seems as though WB is forgoing the use of Hal Jordan in favor of John Stewart as the film's lantern.  This has me very excited, as my first real introduction to Green Lantern came through the Justice League cartoon series which featured John Stewart. 



For those of you unfamiliar with the Green Lanterns in DC, they are a sort of intergalactic police force, with multiple characters given a power ring to protect earth and other planets in the galaxy.  John Stewart was introduced in the 1970’s to act as a backup for Hal Jordan.

I humbly suggest you give the Green Lantern series a try.  Below you’ll find links to some lantern books that we have at the library.  Do you have any stories that are your favorite?  Let us know in the comments.

And keep an eye out for my favorite lantern, John Stewart!


GL Corps 1GL Corps 2GL Corps 3Green Lantern Corps: Volumes 1- 3 





GL Corp BNBlackest Night: Green Lantern Corps





JL UnlimitedJustice League Unlimited