Who's superstitious?


Friday the 13th is coming up and a few of us at the library can't help but have a black cat cross our paths. Throughout history, the number 13 has been known as an unlucky number and Friday has been dubbed the unluckiest day of the week. So I guess that makes Friday the 13th a double whammy of misfortune!

Nonetheless, I recommend the following black cat books to enjoy this Friday:

 Meeow and the Big Box by Sebastien Braun

 Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas



What a beautiful kitty - is

What a beautiful kitty - is she your library cat? She looks so sweet and innocent! :)

While we consider Mao one of

While we consider Mao one of our library cats, she doesn't live at the library. Anymore, that is. Mao and her sister Shelby were stray kittens living behind the library with their mother. When mama cat disappeared last October, I lured Shelby out and took her home. A library patron helped us catch Mao and another staff member took her home right before last Thanksgiving.

If you refer to past Fairbanks Library blog posts, you can see a few pictures of them growing up.