Who's Your Book Boyfriend?

shadowfeverI was talking with a friend the other day, and I'm not really sure how this came up, but she said that Jericho Barrons would always be her imaginary boyfriend.  I'm sure her real husband doesn't have a problem with that.  It would be a rare woman who did not think that Barrons was uniquely appealing, but I find that I am a much more fickle reader.

Regular romance readers should be able to agree that there are some characters, heroes in particular, who simply leap off the page and remain with you long after you've finished the book.  In some cases, they propel you through series to read more about them.  For 99% of us, it started with Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rochester.  Through the years, I'm sure many of you remember Jamie Fraser or Jervaulx, Derek Craven or Mickey O'Connor, Roarke (he only needs one name) or Wolf Mackenzie, Bones or Acheron.  Those are just off the top of my head -- I'm sure I've made some glaring omissions.

Tell me which ones I've forgotten.  Who's your imaginary boyfriend?



I'd like to add Nicholas

I'd like to add Nicholas Brisbane from the Lady Julia Grey series, Adam Hauptman from Mercy Thompson, and Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent from Devil in Winter.

I see you share my inability

I see you share my inability to commit, Jennifer. Great choices!