The Wild and Wacky Animals that Can Be Found In Australia




Some live in water. Some live in trees. All are mammals, and most do what they please. Can you guess what makes one of these animals from Australia distinctly different than the others?  I'll give you a hint; it has webbed feet and a bill. But that is not the only thing that makes this animal unique. If you want to guess you can leave a comment below. I’ll be posting the answer next week. Good luck! 


Wombats  Julie Murray.

Readers will learn about the wombat's unique body features, diet, social behavior, habitat, predators, and ways of defense. They will also learn about the life of a baby wombat, from joey to independence. Shaded territory maps highlight areas of Australia the wombat calls home.

Wombat Goes Walkabout  Michael Morpurgo

Wombat loves to dig. One day he digs a deep, deep hole and crawls inside to think. Wombat loves to think. But when he climbs out of his hole, he can't find his mother. He is alone, though not for long. Wombat soon meets cackling Kookaburra, hopping Wallaby, swinging Possum, scampering Emu, dozing Koala, and hunting Boy. But though he climbs the highest hill, he still can't find his mother. Instead, he spots a fire, leaping from tree to tree. It's up to Wombat, a thinker and a digger, to do what he does best to see himself and the others safely through danger. And in a tender conclusion, his friends use their own gifts for flying and swinging, hopping and scampering, to reunite a worried Wombat with someone very dear.

Tasmanian Devils Julie Murray

Introduction to the history, physical characteristics, and behavior of Tasmanian Devils.

Little Devils  Robert J. Blake.

Robert J. Blake shines a light on a little, known animal. Burnie, Winnie and Big Stanley are three Tasmanian devil pups growing up in the wild. Along with their mother, they make one happy family. Since the pups are still so small, Mum does all the hunting. But one night, Mum doesn't come home and the pups are getting hungry . . . and worried. They need food, but more importantly, they need Mum. Together they set out with one goal in mind: find Mum. What follows is a heart-warming tale of adventure, love and family, told to readers by the incomparable Robert J. Blake with lifelike illustrations that will touch readers and bring them closer to this unique animal.

Koalas Rachael Hanel.

This book examines koalas.  Children will learn about the animal's habitats, physical characteristics, and  behaviors. 

Finding Home  Sandra Markle

A mother Koala protecting Joey and herself from a raging bushfire. Based on a true story. Includes facts about Koalas, an author's note about the real-life Koala that survived two bushfires. Learn more about Koalas and their habitat.

Platypuses  Julie Murray.

Introduction to the history, physical characteristics, and behavior of platypuses.

A Platypus' World Caroline Arnold.

Near a stream in Australia, a platypus hatches from its egg, and as it gets older, the young platypus learns to find food in the stream.

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Question - Which of these

Question - Which of these mammals is not like the rest? 

Answer - The platypus is a mammal but it's young hatches from its egg.