Wild World of Knitting

Girl KnittingTonight marks the first night of the Clear Lake City – County Freeman Branch Children’s Knitting Club! So, I thought I could inform all of our young readers about the fun you can have with two needles and a ball of yarn. Now, some of you might be thinking that knitting is for our Grandmas and Grandpas, but, knitting is coming back into fashion. Dakota Fanning, Cameron Diaz, and Julia Roberts are just some of the celebrity knitters out there! Join in on the craze and learn how to knit!

Here are the items that are needed to start your own knitting project:
·         Two needles: usually size US 8 is a good size to learn
·         A skein of yarn: skein is a fancy way of saying ball! Pick out a medium or worsted weight in a light color. It is easier to work with for beginners!
·         A pattern: You can find easy patterns everywhere, but I’d use a book to start! Can’t find a pattern? Look below!
·         A guide book: Using a book will help you with understanding knitting terms and the steps to learn how to knit! Just ask your librarian to help you find some books!
Once you learn how to knit, you can make anything from blankets to stuffed animals; socks to sweaters; purses to pouches! You can find knitting supplies at any store that sells crafts… and make sure to look for coupons in the Sunday paper or on the Internet!
If you have any questions about knitting, post them online and I’ll do my best to give you a helpful answer! Good luck, future knitters!

Pattern for a Knitted Pouch (the perfect size to hold your library card!)
Cast on 17 stitches. Knit back and forth on each row in garter stitch pattern until the piece measures 8 inches long. Bind off all stitches. Fold the rectangle in half (short end with short end) so the piece is 4 inches long. With the tapestry needle and a 12 inch length of yarn for each side, sew the 4 inch side seams, leave the top seam open. With the tapestry needle and the length of the ribbon, weave the ribbon ¼ to ½ inch down from the top edge beginning at a seamed edge and finishing at the other seamed edge. Take the tapestry needle and thread a bead onto the 2 tails of ribbon at the side seam, sliding the bead all the way to the knitting. Knot the two ends of ribbon together.
Picture from Jupiter Images 2009 ©