Wishes for the Future

We recently had a Wishing Tree in the Children's Department to celebrate Lunar New Year.  As promised, I am sharing the results.  Although, most of the wishes were made by children, adults also participated.


  • World Happiness & Peace /Help for Haiti = 26
  • Friends/Family = 24
  • Wish for Health = 8
  • Wish for Change = 5
    •   Dogs/puppies = 5
    • Cats/Kittens = 4
    •   Horse/pony = 4
    • Wish for Toys /Movie= 3
    • Wish to Keep my Job = 3
    • For Things to get Better = 3


    Here are a few that I though you might like to read. 
1.      “I wish for a pet tiger.”
2.       “I wish fairy.”
3.       I wish to have a dragon.”
4.       “I wish for a new house for my family.”
5.       “I wish I could have an “a” on my report card.”
6.       “Peter wishes to be Spiderman.”
7.       “Kiara, wish for a dragon.”
8.       “My wish is that I could eat hot cheetos…”
9.       “I wish to meet Batman.”
10.   “Brian wishes for a T-rex.”
11.   “Kade wishes for Batman/Spiderman.”
12.   “I wish I will be a vet.”
13.   “I wish I could tumble.”
14.   “I want to be rich when I grow up.”
15.   “I want to be good at driving my remote car.”
16.   “I wish for a cure for type 1 diabetes.”
17.   “I wish for all my wishes to come true.”
18.   “I wish I can do anything I want to do.”
19.   “I wish to adopt.”
20.   “I would have some book.”