Women’s History Month: Real Stories of Real Gals

[Suffragettes with flag] (LOC)March is Women’s History Month and what better way to mark the occasion than to read about the lives of real girls and real women?  Who will you celebrate?

Mer’s Real Stories of Real Gals Picks:

13th winter bookjacketjane addams bookjacketcourage and cloth bookjacketnaked truth bookjacket






catherine the great bookjacketclaudette colvin bookjacketmodel bookjacketanne frank bookjacket






emma goldman bookjacketplant lilac tree bookjacketiraqigirl bookjacketlessons in taxidermy bookjacket






i am scout bookjacketi want to live bookjacketriding the bus with my sister bookjacketdevil in the details bookjacket





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