The Women Who Won the West (a few of them at least!)

Among other things, March is Women's History Month, so this seems a good time to highlight some of the excellent tales of women in the American west.

There have been many good non-fiction books written detailing the contributions of women in the settling of the west. A good place to start might be with some of these titles:

By Grit & Grace: eleven women who shaped the American West




Best of Covered Wagon Women




Army Wives of the American Frontier: living by the bugles




African American Women of the Old West




The Doctor Wore Petticoats: women physicians of the Old West




Texas Women on the Cattle Trails




 If you like to read about women in the American west, but also want a good story, you might try these titles.

The All-True Travels & Adventures of Lidie Newton by Janes Smiley.




Against All Odds: the Lucy Scott Mitchum story by Barbara Riefe




Doc Holliday's Woman by Jane Candida Coleman

Walking West by Noelle Sickels

A Lady Follows by Holly Newman




Buffalo Girls by Larry McMurtry




Finally, there are also numerous works both in fiction and non-fiction about individual women, both famous and infamous, who carved a place for themselves on the wild frontiers of the American west.

Annie Oakley
Belle Starr
Calamity Jane
Cynthia Ann Parker

(I make no pretense that this is any sort of a complete list of interesting women of the American west. By all means feel free to search for your own favorite in our catalog. Even if we do not have the title you want in our system, we can probably borrow it from some other library around the country.)