Wonderful Wii Wevealed!

While I admit that I may be late in joining the Wii craze, I did jump on board last year and got a Wii for Christmas (Thank You Santa!). Personally, I never really thought of the Wii as anything other than just a fun gaming console with a more interactive style of play. Then, I found the "Nintendo Wii Pocket Guide" and suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me! I never imagined that I could use the Wii to check my emails or surf the internet! But I can!

The book describes how I can not only link the Wii to my wireless network or LAN line, but I can also send and receive emails and set parental controls. I can even use the Wii like Microsoft Outlook and set reminders of important events or little memo’s to remind myself of important things.
The Pocket Guide provides a host of different fun options to give more flavor to your Wii. On the Wii, you create little characters to represent yourself (called Mii’s). These Mii’s store all of your stats and information for the games that you play. If you want to carry these stats with you go visit a friend and play that friend’s Wii, the manual teaches you how to link your Wii with a friend’s Wii so that you can move characters from one to another. Or, you can save your character in your Wii remote and just take your Wii remote over to your friend’s house!
The more that I read the book, the more I marvel at all the unique tricks and special things that the Wii can do. You can shop online using the Wii shopping channels, you can socialize with other friends, and you can even participate in fun polls such as “Which century would you rather live in 19th or 22nd?”  You can get your weather forecast on the Wii weather channel or you can get the world news on the news channel.  And, more unique features and channels are being added all the time!
Of course, if you are just a simple gamer like me, who enjoys playing video games then you still have a lot that you can learn from this book. Say for example that you used to love the old Nintendo games like Super Mario or Zelda, you can actually download those old video games and play them on your Wii. You can even attach old Nintendo 64 controllers to the Wii to help you play the games! Altogether, I have learned tons of different tricks from the book and I encourage anyone that has a Wii to get the book and unlock the full potential of their Wii!
Do you have a Wii? If so, what is your favorite game? If not, have you ever thought about getting one?