Wondering What to Read Next?

Everyone who reads has hit that point where they finish a book and wonder what to read next. It’s sometimes hard to decide, especially when you are in the mood for something specific. Luckily, the library has lots of resources to help you to find a good book to read. Here are a few that can help you find the perfect book next time you are looking for what to read next:

  • Novelist: This database gives you detailed information on books and authors, letting you know about the writing style, genre, and, most importantly, author and book read-a-likes. It also contains booklists of award winners and recommended reads that give you a great starting point for what else to read.
  • Book Hunters: Get recommendations from librarians at our libraries! With this resource you can fill out a form with what you’re looking for in a book, and then receive a personalized list of book recommendations basted on what you are looking for right now! The only downside is it can take up to 2 weeks to get a list, so don’t use this if you are looking for something right now.
  • Newsletters: Sign up to the library’s newsletters to get information on your desired genres! With regular emails, this is a great way to find out what’s great in the literary world, and to find the next book you need.

In addition to these resources, feel free to come to the library and ask for help. We have friendly librarians who love recommend books and booklists to look over to find your next amazing read. See you soon!  

Photo Credit: PixaBay.com - CC0 Creative Commons