Wondering What to Read Next? Put Book Hunters on the Case


Not many people know good books better than librarians, though not all people agree on what makes a good book.  It's all about making the right match.  We'd like to offer our expertise in a new personalized service that connects readers with the books we think they will enjoy the most.

Perhaps you read much faster than your favorite authors can write new books.  It could be that you are overwhelmed by the number of book choices available in each genre.  Maybe you would like to encourage your teenager to read for pleasure, but have no knowledge about teen authors.  Whatever the reason, if you need any kind of reading advice, the HCPL Book Hunters can help!

Here's how it works:

  • Fill out and submit the form describing your reading tastes. The information you offer will only be used to help find the best books for you.  If you don't think a question is relevant for you, skip that one.
  • One of the team of expert Book Hunters will investigate to find titles most suited to you.
  • Within two weeks, you'll receive a customized list of at least ten suggestions. 
  • If you like your list, we'll be happy to find more books for you.  If not, we'll keep trying until we get it right.

Give the Book Hunters a try today.


I followed a link that said

I followed a link that said you had a list of books for "lifelong learners", I haven't been able to locate it. Can you help me? I am in the Panhandle of Fl. not in Tx. but would really like to see your list. Thank you, Jackie

Hi Jackie, We have many lists

Hi Jackie,

We have many lists on our Books page, but I don't see one with the title you have above.  We can customize a list for your interests, just click on this form link and fill out the Book Hunters form, then we'll send you a list.  If you are looking for nonfiction "learning" titles, just indicate that on the form, along with the subjects you're interested in.  The more we know, the better your list will be.  Thanks!