Write Your Writer!

Book Cover Drop Dead HealthyRecently, I took time out to write to one of my favorite authors, A. J. Jacobs. I have read all of his books as well as tracked down his Esquire Magazine articles! If you are unfamiliar with A. J. Jacobs, he is essentially willing to experiment with convention and document his findings with great humor and self-reflection. Amongst his undertakings, he has read the entire Encyclopædia Britannica. He lived according to biblical law. He has offered himself to the modern health fads in his most recent publication, Drop Dead Healthy. To my surprise, within 24 hours, A. J. Jacobs wrote me back! While he didn't take me up on my book idea, he nonetheless offered commentary and good humor. Why not write your favorite author? You may hear from their publishers, agents, administrative staff or you very well may hear directly back from them!