Writing with Light

Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for DummiesI just bought a new camera and right now I am a little overwhelmed with all its new features, choices and controls.  Thank goodness for the myriad photography guides available at our branch or elsewhere in the HCPL system, including how-to manuals and DVDs, and even website suggestions -- all to be found on the library catalog.  While searching for some answers to my questions, I also came across these novels, movies and nonfiction books on the subject of photography and photographers. 

  • Blow-Up – In Michelangelo Antonioni’s strange thriller, a bored fashion photographer in mod 1960’s London believes he may have unintentionally photographed a murder
  • The Bridges of Madison County – A National Geographic photographer on assignment in rural Iowa has a brief romance with his soul mate in this adaptation of Robert James Waller’s novel
  • Rear Window – Alfred Hitchcock explores our fascination with other people’s lives in this mystery about a photographer whose curiosity about his neighbors puts him in danger – and solves a murder
  • The September Issue – This true version of The Devil Wears Prada takes a look inside the production of an issue of Vogue and those beautiful photographs
  • Closer – How well can you ever know another person? A photographer is one of four characters in this movie version of the play by Patrick Marber
  • Yellow Jack – Josh Russell blends the history of the earliest photographers, 1840s New Orleans, a yellow fever epidemic, steamy romance, and voodoo all in one novel
  • Caught in the Light – This multi-layered tale by Robert Goddard intertwines a photographer on assignment in Vienna, his chance encounter with a mysterious woman, and the new method of writing with light

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