Written in the Stars: READ!

Welcome to the beginning of our National Teen Reads Week! This is an annual celebration of our teen literature, and a time where we encourage our teens to read more (as opposed to our normal agenda, which is to discourage reading and hide books. We are a library after all.). However, if you aren’t a teen, don’t let that discourage you from celebrating this week. Everyone can come to the library and do something to participate in this amazing event. Here are some of our suggestions on how to reach for the stars at the library this week:

  • Come to the Library Olympics on Friday to show off your literary skills.
  • Grab a Science Fiction to get find out what other people think of space, or get an Astronomy book to really learn more about the Solar System.
  • See how many YA novels you can identify with only their cover in our Teen Isle.
  • Think outside the box and get a genre or a book format you haven’t tried before.
  • Join our Harry Potter Book Club to discuss the fifth book in the HP series.
  • Get a library card to increase your access to library resources.
  • Visit the Friends’ of the Library bookstore to find some cheap books that you can keep.
  • Come to our Family Story Time this Saturday to help everyone in your family read.
  • Ask for a volunteer form at the Reference Desk so that you can help others read.

We hope that you take the time to really reach out this week and find out what’s written in the stars. After all, we are a community that loves space and reading, so this seems like a week that should be perfect for us.