The Wrong Man

David Ellis is a new writer in the Legal Thriller genre. Like most authors in the genre he is a lawyer. He is also well known for prosecuting and convicting Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois. Ellis's The Wrong Man features the mafia, an assassin, international terrorists, a homeless Iraq war veteran, and a strong defense lawyer. The Wrong Man seems to have all the right ingredients for an enjoyable legal thriller, but does it live up to the hype?

Jason Kolarich is a defense lawyer who enjoys taking on difficult cases. He decides to take the case of a homeless Iraq war veteran Tom Stoller. Mr.Stoller is charged with murder and is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Stroller was found to be holding the victims personal belongings and the murder weapon in his hand when arrested. Kolarich's client does not want to talk or even try to defend himself. Kolarich begins to research the crime and starts to realize his client might be innocent and that this was not a random murder, but an organized hit.

The Wrong Man is book three in a series that features the Jason Kolarich character. There is never a point in this book that you feel that you need to read the previous two books to understand this one. The Wrong Man is very much a stand-alone story.  I feel that David Ellis has created a fun legal thriller with plenty of twists and turns. The book has a lot of court room drama, but halfway into the story that all becomes secondary to the conspiracy Kolarich is sucked into. David Ellis's writing is concise and visual. The downside is some of the twists seem unbelievable, but if the reader can accept them than it can make for an enjoyable read.  David Ellis has gotten a lot of support from James Patterson. The two have even teamed up and co-wrote a book together. I think James Patterson’s endorsement will help get him noticed, but his writing will make him a favorite for some legal thriller readers.