The Wyatt Earp Faction

It is amazing, the number of times Wyatt Earp was shot at and never even wounded. Those who were close to him were usually not so fortunate. So much has been made of the gunfight at the O. K. Corral – books, movies, websites, even daily re-enactments for tourists - that the shoot out is often referred to as a culmination of events. In reality, it was only the beginning of a much deadlier sequence that led to much more bloodshed than what was spilled at the notorious O. K. Corral confrontation. Matt Braun, master of the western genre, takes on not only the gunfight, but the subsequent battles as well, between the Earp brothers (with Doc Holiday) and their enemies. Elsewhere Braun’s Wyatt Earp has been termed ‘faction’ – a blend of fact, fiction and legend. Braun doesn’t pretend to be writing straight forward biography. After all, his subject is larger than life; why not take advantage of it? And once you get caught up in the story (it doesn’t take long) you won’t care how it’s labeled. This is another action packed classic that’s hard to put down until you reach the blazing end.