Something is in the woods surrounding the quiet town the Rook’s family has settled into. Something ancient. Something relentless. And it is oh so very hungry...

With Wytches, Scott Snyder has once again proven himself to be a wizard of page-turners. The ongoing series has been optioned for film, and for good reason. Stunningly beautiful artwork and Snyder’s superb narrative know-how makes this comic series an almost cinematic experience.

The story follows the plight of the Rook family, adjusting to life in a new town after a tragic accident that had turned their daughter Sailor into a pariah at her previous school. Charlie Rook worries constantly about Sailor’s ability to face life’s daily struggles given her crippling anxiety and this obstacle certainly plays a central theme in this dark fairy tale coming of age series. Yet they’ll both come to learn that Sailor’s biggest challenge won’t be whether she can settle into her new school. Someone out there has a bone to pick with Mr. Rook’s teenage daughter. And if she can’t overcome her fear, Charlie will lose his daughter forever. There’s no one else they can turn to for help. After all, pledged is pledged.