YA for Women's History Month

In case you missed it, March is Women's History Month, and our teen display is full of Young Adult books recommended just for the occasion.  We have nonfiction about awesome women that have made history, and novels with strong female protagonists.  These are the girls and women that inspire you to do and be more, and have paved the way for you to be able to do so.  Visit the library for one of these inspirational reads, and while you're here, you can grab a free Women's History Month button, while supplies last.  Can't wait?  Check out the titles below, to get started.


Rad Women Worldwide       Feminism                   I Am Malala           Florence Nightingale



        Red Queen            Throne of Glass             Heist Society        The Secret Life of Prince Chamring


Image shared from https://www.slu.edu/an-womens-history-month-2015.