Youth Art Month

Japanese Paper Crafting by zakka inspiredMarch is Youth Art Month!  Whether you already think of yourself as an artist (or crafter) or if you’re interested in pursuing a new creative outlet, we have many resources available through the library to help fuel your inspiration.  What are you going to create?

Arts & Crafts

99 t-shirt bookjacket

alternacrafts bookjacket

clay so cute bookjacket






comics and sequential art bookjacket

concrete to canvas bookjacket

custom kicks bookjacket






drawing manga bookjacket

girls book of bath and beauty bookjacket

have fun with your room bookjacket






high riders saints and death cars bookjacket

it girl knits bookjacket

paper galaxy bookjacket






prairie girl's guide to life bookjacket

second time cool bookjacket

stick it bookjacket






subway art bookjacket

whatcha mean, what's a zine bookjacket

witch craft bookjacket





Flickr CC: Japanese Paper Crafting Photo by: zakka inspired