Zombies Are Coming Oh My

First let me just share that I am not a zombie kind of girl.  I definitely don’t like anything scary, and I only skim the world of paranormal romance.  In spite of all that I still got the audio book Red Hill because I love Jamie McGuire’s books.  Every one of them!  I got it because a good story teller can make you believe almost anything.  So… I decided to take the plunge.  Well let me tell you I am preparing my  'end of the world/zombie attack" kit.  When I was at Home Depot this past weekend with my husband I was looking at the display of axes with a whole new appreciation.  This book grabbed me from the very start.  I sat in my car when I got to work and I sat in my car when I got home from work listening and being alternately horrified and thrilled and horrified and thrilled.  Jamie McGuire creates characters that are so real and interesting and you want to spend time with them even when they are not perfect. There was tons of action and thank goodness some romance because I don’t know if I would have survived the story without it.  I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

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