Help - General eBook Questions

We are aware of the increased demand of the eBook market and that there is a larger selection of eAudio titles in our digital catalog. Due to budgetary constraints, our current purchasing focus is on current high demand titles in all formats, school reading lists, and series that have gaps in them.

We also attempt to purchase customer suggestions as well as older titles in all formats whenever possible. Most months we are able to purchase the same quantity of titles in the eBook format as we do the eAudio formats.

The first time you download an eBook from our digital site, there are many steps to do before everything will work properly. You will not have to do these again once they are done and downloading eBook titles will become simple.

Getting an Adobe ID – Pre-software Download Steps

In order to read the eBooks from our digital library on your computer, or to transfer them to a portable device, you will need to install Adobe Digital editions to your computer.

To properly use this software you will need to have an Adobe ID. You can create this ID later, but I find that it is easier to create it before you download the Adobe Digital Editions software.

Creating an Adobe ID takes only a few seconds and you can create the ID here:

If you already have an Adobe ID, then you can skip the ID creation step. You can also create the ID when you open Adobe Digital Editions for the first time, but again, I find it easier to create the Adobe ID before you install Adobe Digital Editions.

Installing Adobe Digital Editions

After you have created the Adobe ID, the software you will need to read the EPUB or PDF files can be located here:

On this page, scroll down until you see a tan “install” button. Pressing this will begin the install process. Please follow the steps that come up and save the program into the default folder when it asks you to create a folder for the software.

After the installation is complete, there should be a shortcut to Adobe Digital Editions on your computers desktop. It looks like a brown square with an open book in the center.

Double click this to open the program. When you open the program for the first time, it will ask you to activate the program. This is for copyright reasons and it is recommended that you activate the software. To do this, you will need to enter the Adobe ID you previously created. If you did not create it earlier, you can create it at this time.

When you finish activating the software, Adobe Digital Editions is ready to use.

When finished, attempt to download a title if you have one already checkout.

Downloading a Title

You can access our digital catalog from here:

If all you want to do is read eBooks and not listen to the eAudio titles, you will only want to download the EPUB or PDF formats. The formats that the titles are in are listed with the title summary. To listen to eAudio books, you will need additional software.

If you click on "My Digital Account", you will have access to all your checked out titles and hold titles (it may ask you to login with your library card first).

Clicking on "My eBookshelf" will bring up the titles you have checked out. Clicking on "Holds" lists the titles you have on hold.

If you have a title checked out, it should list that title in your "eBookshelf" with a grey button that says "Download" next to it.

The way it should work is that, when you click download, it may ask you if you want to create a folder for the title. Click yes to continue. If it asks you if you want to “open” or “save” the title, click “open”. It only asks you to do this on some computers and it may not happen with you.

Adobe Digital Editions should automatically open when the download starts. It may look like nothing is happening, but after a few seconds you should start to see the title downloading in the Adobe Digital Editions program.

A Brief Overview of Digital Editions

In the upper left hand side of the Adobe Digital Editions window there are two icons. One looks like 3 books side to side. This icon is called “Library View”. Clicking this will show the book jackets of all the titles that you currently have in your library.

If you double click the book jacket of the title you want to read, it will open the second icon in the upper left that looks like an open book. This is called “Reading View”.

Turning in Titles Early

To return an eBook early, you will need to use Adobe Digital Editions. First you will need to click on "Library View" which again is located in the top left corner of the program.

Next, if you move your mouse over the cover of the title you want to return, a triangle will appear in the upper left corner of the book jacket. If you left click on this triangle, a drop down menu will appear. "Return Borrowed Item" is one of the options.

Selecting this will return the item and delete it off your computer, but not any portable reading device that you may have transferred the title to. The title will no longer be checked out to you. The title will automatically be checked in after the checkout time has expired, but you will need to delete the title from the computer using the same triangle you used for returning the item early.