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A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

(These Instructions are written by Recorded Books and can be found on their help page here:

The following instructions will assist with download and installation of the OneClickdigital Application for the Apple iPhone. This process will require internet access or 3G service and valid Apple ID and password.

1. From the iPhone home screen, tap the App Store icon.
2. The search option screen will appear.  Enter OneClickdigital into the search field.
3. Tap the blue Search icon.
4. The OneClickdigital Application icon will appear for installation.  Tap INSTALL.
5. The Info screen will appear with a brief description of the application.  Tap the blue INSTALL button.
6. Enter your Apple ID Password and Tap OK.
7. The OneClickdigital icon will download and install.  Tap the OneClickdigital icon to access the application.
8. The region selector will appear; drag your finger up the rotating barrel to position your region in the blue shaded bar.
9. Tap Done to save your selection.
10. Enter your OneClickdigital username and password, then select Login.

You will have the option to save your login information by Tapping the check box next to Remember Credentials.  This option will save your credentials for the next time you access the OneClickdigital App.  If you do not have a OneClickDigital username and password, please follow these instructions to create one.

11. Any titles that you currently have checked out will show on the My Titles page. To check out a title, Tap the Browse More Titles option.
12. Your OneClickdigital Library website will display, which will enable you to search titles for checkout. Pinch your fingers out to zoom out for easier viewing. Tap the Login option and fill in your username and password. When you have selected your title, Tap the title icon.
13. The title checkout page will display, Tap Checkout Now. The title page will return with the title checked out, Tap Close.
14. The My Titles page will display; pull down the page to refresh and load your title.  Tap the arrow next to the title you would like to download.
15. The title will display while the download process occurs. You will need internet access or 3G service to complete the download. You can listen to the title as the download takes place. Tap the open book icon to display the chapters that have finished downloading.
16. Titles that appear in bold black have completed downloading; the titles in gray have not been downloaded.

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

  1. 1.  Go to our OneClick Digital site at
  2. 2. Login to your OneClickDigital account using the link in the upper right.
  3. 3.  Select the Tab toward the top called “My Account.”
  4. 4.  Select the “Preferences” tab.
  5. 5. Under the “Generic Preferences” heading for “Default Device” select “Apple Device (iTunes).”
  6. 6.  For the question “Use OneClick digital Media Manager as my default player” select “Yes.”
  7. 7.  For the question “Automatically download / resume all titles” select “Yes.”
  8. 8.  Select “Update Preferences.”
  9. 9.  Open the OneClickDigital Media Manager and login.
  10. 10.  Select the “Preferences” tab toward the top left.
  11. 11.  For the question “Automatically download all titles” select “Yes.”
  12. 12. For the question “Allow iTunes / Apple Device Detection” select “Yes.”
  13. 13. For “Default Media Type” select “iTunes.”
  14. 14. Hit the “Update” button.