Help - MP3 eAudio Support

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

  1. 1.  Go to our OneClick Digital site at
  2. 2. Login to your OneClickDigital account using the link in the upper right.
  3. 3.  Select the Tab toward the top called “My Account.”
  4. 4.  Select the “Preferences” tab.
  5. 5. Under the “Generic Preferences” heading for “Default Device” select “Other.”
  6. 6.  For the question “Use OneClick digital Media Manager as my default player” select “Yes.”
  7. 7.  For the question “Automatically download / resume all titles” select “Yes.”
  8. 8.  Select “Update Preferences.”
  9. 9.  Open the OneClickDigital Media Manager and login.
  10. 10.  Select the “Preferences” tab toward the top left.
  11. 11.  For the question “Automatically download all titles” select “Yes.”
  12. 12. For the question “Allow iTunes / Apple Device Detection” select “No.”
  13. 13. For “Default Media Type” select “Other.”
  14. 14. Hit the “Update” button.