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Books About Kids in the Fourth Grade


Jamie Gilson.  4B Goes Wild

Fourth graders on a three-day camping trip with their teachers experience frights and delights.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  Alice in Blunderland

Fourth-grader Alice tries unsuccessfully to avoid embarrassing mistakes and to establish better relations with her older brother Lester.

Paula Danziger.  Amber Brown Goes Fourth

Entering fourth grade, Amber faces some changes in her life as her best friend moves away and her parents divorce.

David A. Adler.  Andy and Tamika

Preoccupied with the impending arrival of his new baby brother or sister, fourth grader Andy gets in lots of trouble at home and at school.

Gloria Whelan.  Are There Bears in Starvation Lake?

When Baylor and his fourth grade class stay overnight at the Starvation Lake Ecology Center, he is nervous about what might happen, like getting lost or running into wild animals.

Margery Cuyler.  The Battlefield Ghost

When fourth grader John and his sister Lisa move into an old house in Princeton, New Jersey, they find it haunted by the ghost of a Hessian soldier from the Revolutionary War and try to reunite him with the ghost of his beloved horse.

Cheryl Zach.  Benny and the No-Good Teacher

Fourth grade gets off to a bad start for Benny--his friends are in a different class and he has the strict new teacher.

Kathleen Leverich.  Best Enemies Forever

When Priscilla starts a school club to provide volunteer service to the community, her project comes under fire from her longtime enemy Felicity, who wants to be the only star in the fourth grade.

Carolyn Haywood.  Betsy and the Boys

Betsy and her fourth-grade friends discover football.

Bruce Hale.  The Big Nap:  From the Tattered Casebook of Chet

Gecko, Private Eye   Someone is turning the students at Emerson Hickey Elementary into zombies, and it's up to fourth-grade private eye Chet Gecko to find out who.

Charles Haddad.  Calliope Day Falls--in Love?

While trying to discover who left a love poem in Noreen's ice cream during a blackout at the roller rink, fourth-grader Calliope Day learns some very interesting facts about boys.

Brenda Seabrooke.  The Care and Feeding of Dragons

Follows the adventures of Alastair as he tries to protect his pet dragon, Spike, from dragonnappers while trying to adjust to his new fourth-grade teacher.

Michele Torrey.  The Case of the Gasping Garbage

Fourth-graders Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey combine their detective and scientific investigation skills to solve a variety of cases, involving a noisy garbage can, endangered frogs, a stuck truck, and a mysterious love letter.

Carla Heymsfeld.  Coaching Ms. Parker

Mike and his friends try to help their fourth-grade teacher learn how to play baseball before the annual teacher-student game.

Esther Hershenhorn.  The Confe$$ion$ and $ecret$ of Howard J.

Fingerhut   Fourth grade entrepreneur Howard J. Fingerhut competes with his classmates to win the H. Marion Muckley Junior Businessperson of the Year Contest and writes a book about the experience.

Joan Sandin.  Coyote School News

In 1938-1939, fourth-grader Monchi Ramirez and the other students at Coyote School enjoy their new teacher, have a special Christmas celebration, participate in the Tucson Rodeo Parade, and produce their own school newspaper.

Carol Weston.  The Diary of Melanie Martin, or, How I Survived

Matt the Brat, Michelangelo, and the Leaning Tower of Pizza   Fourth-grader Melanie Martin writes in her diary , describing her family's trip to Italy and all that she learned.

Patricia Reilly Giff.  Fourth-Grade Celebrity

Cassandra Eleanor Valentine searches for a way to become a celebrity in her school.

Jerry Spinelli.  Fourth Grade Rats

Suds learns that his best friend is wrong. You don't have to be a tough guy, a "rat," to be a grown up fourth grader.

Martha Freeman.  Fourth-Grade Weirdo

Dexter's well-ordered life is disrupted by his uneasy interactions with his spontaneous, even zany, fourth -grade teacher Mr. Ditzwinkle and by his mother's campaign for reelection to the town's school board.

Barthe DeClements.  The Fourth Grade Wizards

After her mother dies, Marianne becomes a daydreamer and begins to fall behind in her schoolwork.

Betty Ren Wright.  The Ghost in Room 11

When his family moves to a small town near Milwaukee, Matt's efforts to fit into his new fourth-grade class are complicated by his poor spelling and his encounter with the ghost of one of the school's former teachers.

Constance Hiser.  Ghosts in Fourth Grade

James and his friends turn the old Hathaway house into a haunted house to scare Mean Mitchell, the class bully, on Halloween night.

Ann Cameron.  Gloria Rising

A chance meeting with a woman astronaut encourages Gloria to try to be her best self, even with her difficult fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Yardley.

Joan Davenport Carris.  The Greatest Idea Ever

Fourth grade is a time of turmoil for the irrepressible Gus, whose imaginative ideas constantly get him into trouble as he tries to train his new dog, organizes a school art show, and battles his enemy Nanny Vincent.

Suzy Kline.  Herbie Jones and the Dark Attic

Herbie's friend Ray and some classmates in his fourth-grade reading group help him adjust when he moves into a new bedroom in the attic.

Jamie Gilson.  Hobie Hanson, You're Weird

With his best friend away at computer camp, Hobie reluctantly shares adventures with a girl classmate the summer after fourth grade.

Judie Wolkoff.  In a Pig's Eye

Fourth-graders and best friends, Maisie Blumm and Glenda Jax, fight and make up as all best friends do, through everything from a dog show competititon to editing their own newspaper.

Jack Gantos.  Jack Adrift:  Fourth Grade Without a Clue

When his father rejoins the Navy and moves the family to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, ten-year-old Jack becomes confused by a crush on his teacher, contradictory advice from his parents, and a very strange neighbor.

Susan Richards Shreve.  Joshua T. Bates in Trouble Again

After finally being promoted to fourth grade in the middle of the year, Joshua is so worried about the bully who rules the fourth grade boys that he makes some unwise decisions.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  Josie's Troubles

Josie and Sarah, two West Virginia fourth-graders, break one of the legs of Sarah's mother's piano bench, and must take a series of odd jobs in order to raise the money to repair it.

Elizabeth Levy.  Keep Ms. Sugarman in the Fourth Grade

Jackie, who has always had trouble in school, begins to develop more self-confidence under the guidance of her fourth-grade teacher and is crushed when Ms. Sugarman is promoted to principal in the middle of the school year.

Debbie Dadey.  King of the Kooties

Nate's new friend Donald is being teased by the meanest girl in fourth grade, but after several failed attempts, he comes up with a plan to make her stop.

Judy Delton.  Kitty in the Middle

First love, a madcap mix-up at a stranger's wedding, and exploring a mysterious old house are some of the experiences that make fourth grade exciting for three friends.

Daniel Manus Pinkwater.  The Magic Pretzel

Fourth-grader Norman Gnormal, who behaves a lot like a dog, finds his first real friends when the principal signs him up for the Werewolf Club at school.

David A. Adler.  The Many Troubles of Andy Russell

When some of his gerbils escape and he gets in trouble for not paying attention in class, fourth-grader Andy Russell worries about asking if a friend can move in with his family--especially when he learns that his mother is going to have another baby.

Meredith Sue Willis.  Marco's Monster

Fourth-grader Marco has his hands full when his best friend is chosen to be star of the class play and his little sister is accused of killing a gerbil in her kindergarten class.

Bonnie Pryor.  Marvelous Marvin and the Pioneer Ghost

Marvin enlists the help of his twin sister, Sarah, and Ernie, the biggest boy in the fourth grade, to solve a mystery involving a ghostly figure and the polluting of his favorite stream.

Stephen Roos.  Never Trust a Sister Over Twelve

Feeling rejected and ignored by her twelve-year-old sister Ginger, Suki enlists her best friends in the fourth grade for a grand scheme of revenge.

Henry Winkler.  The Night I Flunked My Field Trip

Fourth-grader Hank, while on a field trip aboard "The Pilgrim Spirit," tries to learn knot tying in his own unique way, which causes unforeseen problems.

Gordon Korman.  Nose Pickers From Outer Space

Fourth-grader Devin is disappointed in the nerdy exchange student who comes to live with his family, until he realizes that Stan is not from Chicago but from outer space.

Nancy Hope Wilson.  Old People, Frogs, and Albert

Fourth-grader Albert is afraid of the old people at the nursing home near his school, until he goes to visit Mr. Spear, the elderly man who has helped him with his reading.

Donna Jo Napoli.  On Guard

Excited by a fencing demonstration he happens to see, fourth grader Mikey starts taking lessons in hopes that the sport will make him special like his brother and sisters.

Elizabeth Henning Sutton.  The Pony Champions

Careless and rushed in her attempt to juggle her time between preparing for a pony competition and a tap dance recital, busy fourth grader Meg allows her pony Lady Jane to become very sick.

Betsy Duffey.  Puppy Love

When fourth graders Evie and Megan start the Pet Patrol to solve animal problems, they soon have their hands full taking care of an army of homeless puppies.

Jane Cutler.  Rats!

Fourth-grader Jason and his younger brother Edward shop for school clothes, get ready for Halloween, acquire a couple of pet rats, and deal with not-birthday presents from Aunt Bea.

Peg Kehret.  The Richest Kids in Town

New to town and homesick for his old life, fourth-grader Peter teams up with a classmate to earn money for a trip to his old hometown but all their moneymaking schemes have unexpected results.

Barbara Park.  Rosie Swanson:  Fourth Grade Geek for President

Average, unpopular Rosie runs for class president against two of the most popular kids in the fourth grade.

Susan Bonners.  The Silver Balloon

When fourth-grader Gregory releases a helium-filled balloon into the sky with his name and address attached, it leads to an unusual friendship and an exchange of mystery gifts.

Ann M. Martin.  Stage Fright

Shy Sara panics when her fourth-grade teacher announces that her class is to perform a play before the entire school, but eventually learns that stage fright can sometimes be healthy.

Elizabeth Levy.  Take Two, They're Small

Fourth grader Eve is dismayed when her school's buddy project pairs her with one of her twin sisters, who are in kindergarten.

Judy Blume.  Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Peter finds his demanding two-year-old brother an ever increasing problem.

Johanna Hurwitz.  Teacher's Pet

Nine-year-old Cricket's expectations of being, as always, the teacher's favorite student are dashed by the arrival of an unusual new girl in her fourth-grade class.

Jamie Gilson.  Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub

The boys and girls in the fourth grade devise a contest to "sink" their substitute teacher by making her cry.

Bonnie Pryor.  Toenails, Tonsils and Tornadoes

Martin weathers the fourth grade while suffering through the prolonged visit of a difficult aunt and enduring the trials of a classic "middle child."

Maggie Twohill.  Who has the Lucky-Duck in Class 4-B?

Nine-year-old Victoria's lost lucky charm comes eventually into the hands of six of her fourth-grade classmates, making wishes come true for the deserving, but withholding its power for others.

Gordon Korman.  Why Did the Underwear Cross the Road?

When Justin Zeckendorf is teamed up with two of the smartest girls in his fourth grade class for a good deed contest, his zany ideas almost cost them their chance to win.

Ann M. Martin.  Yours Turly, Shirley

Shirley, a fourth-grader with dyslexia, struggles with her feelings of inferiority as she compares herself to her intellectually gifted older brother and newly adopted Vietnamese sister.