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Hans Christian Andersen Award

Every other year IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) presents the Hans Christian Andersen Awards to a living author and illustrator whose complete works have made a lasting contribution to children's literature.

2010 Author
David Almond (United Kingdom)
Clay and others
The developing relationship between teenager Davie and a mysterious new boy in town morphs into something darker and more sinister when Davie learns firsthand of the boy's supernatural powers.
2010 Illustrator
Jutta Bauer (Germany)
Bona Nox and others
Mozart's famous children's song has been turned into a picture book story in which the ox and the dark night want to scare the wits out of Lotte, who can't find her way home. This lovely bedtime story will help children overcome nighttime fears and teach them to say "good night" in Latin, German, Italian, and French.

2008 Author

Jurg Schubiger (Switzerland)

2008 Illustrator

Roberto Innocenti (Italy)

Erika's Story and others

A woman recalls how she was thrown from a train headed for a Nazi death camp in 1944, raised by someone who risked her own life to save the baby's, and finally found some peace through her own family.

2006  Author

Margaret Mahy (New Zealand)

The Good Fortunes Gang and others

After living like a gypsy in Australia all of his life, Pete tries to adjust to living in a permanent place--his father's New Zealand hometown where Pete must past a test to belong to his cousins' exclusive gang.

2006 Illustrator

Wolf Erlbruch (Germany)

Mrs. Meyer, the Bird and others

Mrs. Meyer, who worries excessively about everything, tries to help a young bird learn how to fly and discovers the thrill of flying herself.

2004 Author

Martin Waddell (Ireland)

Farmer Duck and others

When a kind and hardworking duck nearly collapses from overwork, while taking care of a farm because the owner is too lazy to do so, the rest of the animals get together and chase the farmer out of town.

2004 Illustrator

Max Velthuijs (The Netherlands) 

Frog in Winter and others

Frog's physiology does not permit him to enjoy winter, but his friends help him to make the best of the cold weather.

2002 Author

Aidan Chambers (United Kingdom)

Postcards from No Man's Land and others

Alternates between two stories--contemporarily, seventeen-year-old Jacob visits a daunting Amsterdam at the request of his English grandmother--and historically, nineteen-year-old Geertrui relates her experience of British soldiers's attempts to liberate Holland from its German occupation.

2002 Illustrator

Quentin Blake (United Kingdom)

Tell Me a Picture and others

Provides guidance for studying paintings and illustrations from the National Gallery in London to find the story within each.

2000 Author

Ana Maria Machado (Brazil)

Me in the Middle and others

When ten-year-old Bel finds a photo of her great-grandmother Beatrice, she feels linked with her ancestor beyond their remarkable physical resemblance. Soon, Beatrice learns how knowledge of the past can strengthen the wisdom of future generations.

2000 Illustrator

Anthony Browne (United Kingdom)

Willy the Wimp and others

A young chimpanzee, tired of being bullied by the suburban gorilla gang, decides to build up his muscles so he won't be a wimp anymore.

1998 Author

Katherine Paterson (USA)

The Bridge to Terabithia and others

The life of a ten-year-old boy in rural Virginia expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death trying to reach their hideaway, Terabithia, during a storm.

1998 Illustrator

Tomi Ungerer (France)

Crictor and others

Crictor is a boa-constrictor, helpful and affectionate. His mistress, an elderly village school-teacher, knits him a long, a very long, pullover. Crictor learns his letters; the children skip with him and use him for practising knots.

1996 Author

Uri Orlev (Israel)

The Lady with the Hat and others

In 1947, seventeen-year-old Yulek, the only member of his immediate family to survive the German concentration camps, joins a group of young Jews preparing to live on a kibbutz in Israel, unaware that his aunt living in London is looking for him.

1996 Illustrator

Klaus Ensikat (Germany)

1994 Author

Michio Mado (Japan)

The Magic Pocket and others

Here is a selection of verses by Michio Mado, chosen and translated by the Empress Michiko of Japan. Mado is the much-loved author of poems and songs for children in Japan. The translations, like the originals, are playful and childlike in their imagery.

1994 Illustrator

Jorg Muller (Switzerland)

Peter and the Wolf

A retelling of the orchestral fairy tale in which Peter ignores his grandfather's warnings and proceeds to capture a wolf.

1992 Author

Virginia Hamilton (USA)

The People Could Fly and others

Retold Afro-American folktales of animals, fantasy, the supernatural, and desire for freedom, born of the sorrow of the slaves, but passed on in hope.

1992 Illustrator

Kveta Pacovska (Czech Republic)

The Little Flower King and others

A lonely king in search of a princess to become his queen finds one appearing within one of his beloved tulips.

1990 Author

Tormod Haugen (Norway)

Keeping Secrets

Her encounters with the mysterious boy who lurks near her family's summer cottage and her discovery of the "magical" word, zeppelin, cause ten-year-old Nina to see her parents in a different light.

1990 Illustrator

Lisbeth Zwerger (Austria)

Thumbeline and others

The adventures of a tiny girl no bigger than a thumb and her many animal friends.

1988 Author

Annie M. G. Schmidt (The Netherlands)


Minnie, formerly a cat but now a woman with many cattish ways, helps Tibbs, a newspaper reporter, with information she gets from her many feline friends.

1988 Illlustrator

Dusan Kallay (Czechoslovakia)

December's Travels

After hearing the North Wind's tales, the boy December isn't as enthusiastic about his month until a trip to some of the other months make him appreciate his own.

1986 Author

Patricia Wrightson (Australia)

The Sugar-Gum Tree and others

Sarah Bell and Penny May were best friends. Sometimes they had fights, but after the fights they were best friends again. Then one day things went too far. A story about the nature of friendship.

1986 Illustrator

Robert Ingpen (Australia)

Shakespeare and others

Rosen's compelling text and Ingpen's dramatic paintings invite readers into the "extraordinary and dangerous times" in which the Bard wrote his famous plays.

1984 Author

Christine Nostlinger (Austria)

Fly Away Home

A young girl recalls what life was like for her family in Vienna toward the end of World War II.

1984 Illustrator

Mitsumasa Anno (Japan)

Anno's Counting Book and others

A counting book depicting the growth in a village and surrounding countryside during twelve months.

1982 Author

Lygia Bojunga Nunes (Brazil)

The Companions and others

A story of the friendship between a rabbit, a bear and a poodle.

1982 Illustrator

Zbigniew Rychlicki (Poland)

1980 Author

Bohumil Riha (Czechoslovakia)

1980 Illustrator

Suekichi Akaba (Japan)

The Tongue-Cut Sparrow and others

A kind old man and his greedy wife pay separate visits to the tongue-cut sparrow and receive as gifts just what they deserve.

1978 Author

Paula Fox (USA)

The Slave Dancer and others

Kidnapped by the crew of an Africa-bound ship, a thirteen-year-old boy discovers to his horror that he is on a slaver and his job is to play music for the exercise periods of the human cargo.

1978 Illustrator

Svend Otto S. (Denmark)

The Man Who Kept House and others

Convinced that his work in the field is harder than his wife's work at home, a farmer trades places with her for the day.

1976 Author

Cecil Bodker (Denmark)

Silas and the Black Mare and others

A fiercely independent thirteen-year-old boy over comes several problems to keep the majestic black mare he won from a greedy horse trainer.

1976 Illustrator

Tatjana Mawrina (USSR)

1974 Author

Maria Gripe (Sweden)

Agnes Cecilia and others

After experiencing several inexplicable incidents, lonely Nora receives a strangely lifelike doll, which leads her to discover long-hidden secrets about her family.

1974 Illustrator

Farshid Mesghali (Iran)

1972 Author

Scott O'Dell (USA)

Island of the Blue Dolphins and others

Left alone on a beautiful but isolated island off the coast of California, a young Indian girl spends eighteen years, not only merely surviving through her enormous courage and self-reliance, but also finding a measure of happiness in her solitary life.

1972 Illustrator

Ib Spang Olsen (Denmark)

1970 Author

Gianni Rodari (Italy)

1970 Illustrator

Maurice Sendak (USA)

Where the Wild Things Are and others

Max sails to the land of the wild things , where he becomes their king.

1968 Author (tie)

James Kruss (Germany)

Johnny Longnose

Twelve oil paintings illustrate this book of twelve poems.

1968 Author (tie)

Jose Maria Sanches-Silva (Spain)

Marcelino Pan y Vino

Story of the miracle of a little boy, abandoned at a monastery, who is discovered to be talking with Jesus Christ.

1968 Illustrator

Jiri Trnka (Czechoslovakia)

1966 Author

Tove Jansson (Finland)

Moominsummer Madness and others

A flood hits Moomin Valley and triggers a series of adventures for the Moomins.

1966 Illustrator

Alois Carigiet (Switzerland)

1964 Author

Rene Guillot (France)

1962 Author

Meindert DeJong (USA)

1960 Author

Erich Kastner (Germany)

1958 Author

Astrid Lindgren (Sweden)

Pippi Longstocking and others

Escapades of a lucky little girl who lives with a horse and a monkey--but without any parents--at the edge of a Swedish village, creates havoc in a small town and cannot be constrained by the authorities.

1956 Author

Eleanor Farjeon (United Kingdom)

Cats Sleep Anywhere and others

Cats sleep on tables, chairs, sofas, in closets, in shoeboxes--all around the house.