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Books to Help Children Deal with Hurricane Disasters

The Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, has developed this list of recommended books to help children cope with hurricane disasters.

Nonfiction | Fiction


Michele Alpern.  Let's Talk:  Sharing Out Thoughts and Feelings

during Times of Crisis   Examines reactions that accompany a crisis, such an anxiety and depression, and encourages teens to share their feelings with parents and friends.

Michele Alpern.  The Effects of Job Loss on the Family

Explains the common causes of a parent's job loss, the financial and emotional effects of unemployment on the family, expected changes in lifestyle, ways of coping and resources available, and the process of getting a new job.

Bryn Barnard.  Dangerous Planet:  Natural Disasters that

Changed History   Describes specific occurrences of natural disasters such as meteor impacts, landslides, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, and their impact on human history.

Jane Bingham.  The Red Cross Movement

Explains how the International Red Cross/Red Crescent helps people during wartime and natural disasters.

Madeline Boskey.  Natural Disasters

Introduces how scientists study and learn from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, El Nino, and volcanoes.

Jack Challoner.  Hurricane and Tornado

Describes dangerous and destructive weather conditions around the world, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, hail, and drought with photographs, historical background, and legends.

Chris L. Demarest.  Mayday!  Mayday!:  A Coast Guard Rescue

Rhyming text and illustrations show how the United States Coast Guard uses aircraft and a rescue swimmer to respond to a call for help.

Allison Stark Draper.  Coping with Natural Disasters

Explains what a disaster is and how to cope physically and emotionally with its devastating effects.

Marc Gellman and Thomas Hartman.  Bad Stuff in the News:  A

Guide to Handling the Headlines   Discusses how such problems as terrorism, child abuse, natural disasters, violence in sports, and hate crimes are reported in the media and some things that individuals can do to address these problems.

Patricia Lauber.  Flood:  Wrestling with the Mississippi

Describes the severe flooding of the Mississippi River in 1993, the effects on people near the river, and the aftermath.

Patricia Lauber.  Hurricanes:  Earth's Mightiest Storms

Tells how hurricanes form, how scientists study them, and how they have affected the United States throughout this century.

Sara L. Latta.  Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Learn about the many faces of grief and how to deal with the behavioral, emotional, mental, and physical changes that may occur after the death of a loved one.

Mark Maslin.  Earthquakes

Describes the nature and causes of earthquakes, the damage they do, ways to predict them, and numerous earthquake disasters throughout the world.

Wendy Pfeffer.  The Big Flood

Patti Brandon lives on a soybean farm near the Mississippi River with her parents, grandfather, dog Sam, and pet goat, Molly. When the great flood of 1993 strikes, Patti and her family, neighbors, and complete strangers rally together to keep the river at bay.

Marvin Rosen.  The Effects of Stress and Anxiety on the Family

Discusses the common causes of stress and anxiety within family life, how to identify signs of stress, ways of coping and resources available, and how anxiety can help to make a family stronger.

Marvin Rosen.  Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A discussion of the pyschological disorder known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, how it affects young people, and what can be done to treat this condition.

Ruth Ann Ruiz.  Coping with the Death of a Brother or Sister

Explains how to cope with the death of a sibling.

Seymour Simon.  Hurricanes

Discusses where and how hurricanes are formed, the destruction caused by legendary storms, and the precautions to take when a hurricane strikes.

Seymour Simon.  Super Storms

Examines superstorms and their potential destructiveness, including thunderstorms, hailstone showers, tornadoes, hurricanes, and typhoons.

Anastasia Suen.  The Red Cross

Students will learn about this organizations history and services and may even be inspired to join.

Luke Thompson.  Tsunamis

Defines tsunamis and describes the geologic forces that cause them, as well as the damage they can inflict when the huge walls of ocean water strike land.

Matt Turner.  e.guides.  Earth

e.guides Earth rocks with spectacular volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes - but it also goes behind the scenes, to investigate the big ideas and hi-tech probings of today's earth scientists.

Carole G. Vogel.  Dangerous Crossings

Relates stories of people who have faced terrible danger on or near the ocean and explains common causes of deadly conditions at sea, such as hurricanes, as well as other dangers, such as piracy and terrorism.


Lynne Barasch.  Radio Rescue

In 1923, after learning Morse code and setting up his own amateur radio station, a twelve-year-old boy sends a message that leads to the rescue of a family stranded by a hurricane in Florida. Based on experiences of the author's father.

Joan Bauer.  Stand Tall

Tree, a six-foot-three-inch twelve-year-old, copes with his parents' recent divorce and his failure as an athlete by helping his grandfather, a Vietnam vet and recent amputee, and Sophie, a new girl at school.

Elisa Carbone.  Storm Warriors

In 1895, after his mother's death, twelve-year-old Nathan moves with his father and grandfather to Pea Island off the coast of North Carolina, where he hopes to join the all-black crew at the nearby lifesaving station, despite his father's objections.

Corinne Demas.  Hurricane!

Margo and her family prepare for and experience Hurricane Bob, which makes the electricity go out for five days but leaves their house intact.

Sharon Arms Doucet.  Alligator Sue

After being separated from her parents by a hurricane on the bayou, a young girl is raised by an alligator and later must discover who she really is.

Sherry Garland.  The Silent Storm

Thirteen-year-old Alyssa has not spoken since seeing her parents die in a hurricane, and now, three years later, another storm threatens the home she shares with her grandfather on Galveston Island.

Monica Gunning.  A Shelter in Our Car

Since she left Jamaica for America after her father died, Zettie lives in a car with her mother while they both go to school and plan for a real home.

Patricia Lakin.  Hurricane!

A girl and her father prepare their beach cottage for the coming hurricane, which topples their swing tree and washes away their stairs. Includes section of hurricane facts.

Jonathan London.  Hurricane!

A young boy describes the experiences of his family when a hurricane hits their home on the island of Puerto Rico.

David Wiesner.  Hurricane

The morning after a hurricane , two brothers find an uprooted tree which becomes a magical place, transporting them on adventures limited only by their imaginations.

Jane Yolen.  Letting Swift River Go

Relates Sally Jane's experience of changing times in rural America, as she lives through the drowning of the Swift River towns in western Massachusetts to form the Quabbin Reservoir.