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Little Bill Books

by Bill Cosby


The Best Way to Play

Little Bill and his friends, avid fans of the television show "Space Explorers," clamor to get the video game version, but they find that they have more fun using their imagination while playing outside.

The Day I Saw My Father Cry

Although Little Bill is sad when a friend of the family dies, he remembers the friend's lesson of saying "Merry Christmas" to get people to stop fighting.

The Day I Was Rich

While playing stick-can hockey with his friends, Little Bill discovers what he thinks is a diamond and they all start imagining what it will be like to be rich.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Little Bill makes valentines for the people that he loves.

Hooray for the Dandelion Warriors!

Little Bill and his teammates are excited to begin baseball practice, but they cannot agree on the team name.

The Meanest Thing to Say

When a new boy in his second grade class tries to get the other students to play a game that involves saying the meanest things possible to one another, Little Bill shows him a better way to make friends.

Money Troubles

While trying to raise enough money for a telescope, Little Bill makes a discovery about generosity and the needs of others.

My Big Lie

Little Bill gets in big trouble when he tells a fib to explain why he has come home late for dinner.

One Dark and Scary Night

One night, little Bill is positive there are mean things in his dark closet and that they are just dying to get him. Only when Alice the great performs a magical tucking-in trick do the mean things go away for good.

Shipwreck Saturday

Although his brother's friends make fun of it, Little Bill is very proud of the toy boat he has built and very upset when it is wrecked the first time he puts it in the water.

Super-fine Valentine

Little Bill makes a special Valentine for Mia but is reluctant to give it to her, because he is afraid that the other children in their third grade class will tease him.

The Treasure Hunt

One rainy day while his father listens to his old records, his mother polishes a silver platter, and his brother enjoys his baseball card collection, Little Bill discovers his own treasure, a talent for storytelling.

The Worst Day of My Life

Little Bill's parents expect him to dress up and act like a gentleman during their party, even though he would rather be playing soccer with his friends.