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Teacher Sites

Annenberg/CPB Learner.org

Professional development for teachers through video on demand.  Free registration is required to view online videos.

Children's Picture Book Database

Miami University created this database of over 5,000 picture books.

Discovery School: Teaching Tools
Lesson plans and teaching tools plus a puzzlemaker and a worksheet generator.

Education Week
Online education newspaper plus Teacher Magazine.

Education World
Covers a variety of topics from classroom management to teaching templates.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
K-12 math and science teacher center.

History Channel Classroom
Study guides and classroom materials on History topics.

History/Social Studies for K-12 Teachers
Internet resources for use in History and Social Studies units.

Internet Resource for Special Children
Provides resources for parents and educators of children with disabilities.

Kinder Korner

A resource website for teachers and others interested in early childhood education.

The Learning Page...Especially for Teachers
Tips for using the Library of Congress collection of documents, maps, photos, and more.

NASA Quest
Online NASA resources for classrooms including live interactions with NASA experts.

National Geographic Education Guide
Educational materials from National Geographic.

NOVA: Teachers
Lesson plans, websites, and information on the NOVA science programs.

Perpetual Preschool

Learning centers, teaching tips and more for adults working with preschoolers.

Teacher/Pathfinder Education Village
Education resources from the Internet.

Teachers Network
National, educational nonprofit organization that connects innovative teachers.

Teaching with Historic Places
Enliven history, social studies and more with the National Register of Historic Places.