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Ancient History | African American History | American History | Civil War
Native American History | Today in History | Women's History
World War I | World War II

General History

History for Kids-http://www.historyforkids.org/
History searchable by time, place, or topic.

History Channel-http://www.historychannel.com/
Online exhibits, this day in History, listen to speeches from History.

Experience history from the Ancient World to the 20th Century.

View the rulers of each country.

Ancient History

Ancient Greek World-http://www.museum.upenn.edu/Greek_World/
Life in Ancient Greece.

Winged Sandals-http://abc.net.au/arts/wingedsandals/default_lowband.htm

Learn about the gods, monsters and mortals of Greek Mythology.

Ancient Egypt Site-http://www.ancient-egypt.org/
History of Ancient Egypt.

The Mummy Tombs-http://www.mummytombs.com/
Mummy information, museums, projects, and more.

African American History

African American Mosaic-http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/african/intro.html
Online exhibit of Black History and culture from the Library of Congress.

Africans in America-http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/home.html
PBS narrative on slavery in America from 1450-1865.

An exhibit of the 1900-1940 African-American community.

Aboard the Underground Railroad-ttp://www.cr.nps.gov/nr/travel/underground/
Links to Historic Places associated with the Underground Railroad.

Underground Railroad-http://www.nationalgeographic.com/features/99/railroad/
National Geographic presents this interacative journey along the Underground Railroad.

American History

Mayflower History-http://www.mayflowerhistory.com/
The Mayflower including passenger list, pilgrims, and the Plymouth Colony

American Memory-http://memory.loc.gov/
Over 7 million digital items from maps and photos to audio and video.

America's Story-http://www.americaslibrary.gov/cgi-bin/page.cgi
American History from Colonial Times to the present.

Colonial Hall-http://www.colonialhall.com/
Biographies of the founding fathers including the signers of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Colonial Williamsburg-http://www.history.org/
Life in 18th century America.

Lewis and Clark-http://www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/
The Lewis and Clark expedition from the PBS series.

Oregon Trail-http://www.isu.edu/~trinmich/Oregontrail.html
Facts, maps, historic sites of the Oregon Trail, includes audio.

The Gold Rush-http://www.isu.edu/%7Etrinmich/home.html
Guide to the California Gold Rush.

History of prohibition in the United States.

US Historical Documents-http://www.law.ou.edu/hist/
Text of Historical documents from pre-colonial times to the present including speeches.

US Historical Documents Archive-http://www.ushda.org/
Documents from pre-17th Century to present day, also speeches and songs.

The West-http://www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/
Based on the PBS show, The West--people, places, and events.

Civil War

American Civil War Homepage-http://sunsite.utk.edu/civil-war/warweb.html
Extensive coverage of the Civil War through links organized by topic.

American Civil War.com-http://americancivilwar.com/civil.html
Statistics, maps, people, and battles.

Camp Life-http://www.cr.nps.gov/museum/exhibits/gettex/
An exhibit of the daily life of a soldier in the Civil War.

Civil War Homepage-http://www.civil-war.net/
Photos, battle reports, letters and more.

Civil War Photographs-http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/cwphtml/cwphome.html
Civil War photograph collection from the Library of Congress.

Civil War Women-http://scriptorium.lib.duke.edu/women/cwdocs.html
Diaries, letters, photos, and more from women during the Civil War.

Native American History

Native Americans Resource-http://marilee.us/nativeamericans.html
Information and links about several tribes; plus recipes, songs, and legends.

Native American Sites-http://www.nativeculture.com/lisamitten/indians.html
Collection of links to Native American Nations, organizations, and more.

Today in History

On This Day-http://www.nytimes.com/learning/general/onthisday/
From the New York Times.

This Day in History-http://www.historychannel.com/tdih/
From the History Channel.

Those Were the Days-http://www.440.com/twtd/today.html
Events, birthdays, and chart topping songs.

Today in History-http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/today/today.html
From the Library of Congress.

Women's History

American Women's History-http://frank.mtsu.edu/~kmiddlet/history/women.html
Resource guide of links to Women's History on the web.

National Women's History Project-http://www.nwhp.org/
Links to sites with history and biographies of women.

World War I

First World War-http://www.firstworldwar.com/
Comprehensive coverage of World War I.

Great War-http://www.pbs.org/greatwar/
Based on the PBS Great War series.

World War II

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum-http://www.ushmm.org/
Online exhibits, personal histories and more. Also in Spanish. En Espanol.

World War II Timeline-http://history.acusd.edu/gen/WW2Timeline/start.html
Search by date or topic.

Pearl Harbor-http://plasma.nationalgeographic.com/pearlharbor/
National Geographic remembers Pearl Harbor.