I listen to a lot of audiobooks since I spend a lot of time in the car and 14 was a title I picked up recently. The author is Peter Clines, well known for his post-apocalyptic super hero series Ex-Heroes, and the narrator, Ray Porter, is top notch.

Immerse Yourself

Learn French, Spanish, or another language in your car, at the gym, while you’re doing housework, or anytime you’re stuck waiting in line. 

Short, Light, and Sweet

My True Love Gave to Me


Maybe this is not the right time of year to start a long book?

Try these for a quick and pleasant listen or read:

It's That Time of Year

Manage Your Time to Reduce Your Stress


It’s the season to celebrate and be thankful!  But the excitement and busyness of this time of year can sometimes add stress to your life and leave you a little frazzled.

Traveling Somewhere for Thanksgiving?

ThanksgivingHere are some audiobooks to set the mood:

The Great Upheaval by Jay Winik

The Great UpheavalThis is a very long audiobook - 31.5 hours on 26 discs.  But this history of three countries in revolution and on the brink of creating a modern age is so captivating yo

More on the Roosevelts

River of Doubt

Are you going through Roosevelt withdrawal?

If you watched Ken Burns' seven-part film on PBS a couple of weeks ago and you want to know more about T.R., Franklin, and Eleanor, you may want to try one of these audiobooks:

Poll: Men or Women? (Battle of the Voices)

The best readers are able to bring the author’s words to life and make you imagine the characters in your head (while you are keeping two steady hands on the wheel and both eyes on the freeway, of course).  But reading dialogue written for the opposite sex can present challenges for even the best and most experienced actors or radio voices:  Female characters read by men can sometimes sound weak and flighty, while male characters read by women may come across as shifty or just downright goofy.  Most of the time, these are minor annoyances that don’t mar the experi

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Happy Birthday, Houston

birthday cake

On August 30, 1836, our city of Houston was founded by the Allen brothers, Augustus and John.  That makes Houston 178 years old tomorrow.

Here are some audiobooks - both factual and fictional - that feature Houston as a character:

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