The Technologists

The TechnologistsBoston, 1868.  An inexplicable force causes ships’ instruments to stop working, causing chaos in Boston Harbor.  Even more baffling, in the city’s business district a sinister phenomenon causes glass to liquefy, killing citizens and resulting in fear, panic and economic havoc.  This strange case is beyond the expertise of the police, but some fearless students in the first class of the newly formed Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- the technologists -- take on the challenge, hoping to score a victory against rival Harvard.

Andy Griffith (1926-2012)

There are some celebrities who, whether you realize it or not, mean a lot to you.  For me, Andy Griffith is one of those celebrities.

The Paris Wife, and…..Paris

The Paris WifeIf someone tore your heart out, crushed it into pieces, and then walked off into a brand new life, would you be able to forgive and remain friends?  What if you were Hadley Richardson, the first wife of Ernest Hemingway, and the ruined relationship in question had in its earlier years brought you great happiness and more adventure than you ever dreamed you could have?  Paula McLain’s novel, The Paris Wife, is a fictionalized but thoroughly well-researched and plausible portrait of Hadley and Ernest and their six years together.

New Downloadable Audiobooks! HCPL adds thousands of eAudiobooks to its collection

Young woman in parkFor a lot of area residents, audiobooks have made their daily commutes, time on the treadmill, weekend yard work, or just lazing by the pool a lot more entertaining, and Smartphones, tablets and mp3 players have made listening to a bestseller or an old favorite unbelievably convenient. So it is no surprise that the popularity of audiobooks has soared in recent years.

Harris County Public Library has always done its best to keep ahead of demand and soon HCPL customers will have an even wider selection of downloadable audiobooks to choose from, including some of today’s hottest titles by authors like Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, Alexander McCall Smith and Anne Tyler.


GoldengroveGoldengrove, by Francine Prose, explores family relationships and how death can change roles and identities abruptly.  Twelve-year-old Nico loves and admires Margaret, her talented and charismatic older sister, and is satisfied hanging back and playing a secondary role while Margaret shines.  This is Nico’s place in their family and around everyone they know.  But when Margaret drowns in a lake near their New England home, Nico is suddenly plunged into a depth of grief along with her mother and father.  The parents function, sort of, but cannot in any way manage to be the kind of parents Nico needs.  Complicating the situation is the enigmatic Aaron, Margaret’s artist boyfriend, who finds some degree of solace in sharing his memories with Nico, but who is deeply troubled and self-centered.  As Nico realizes she is emotionally on her own, she begins to value herself and find a new way to be, in a world forever changed by loss.  

The Voice of Audio

The Broker by John GrishamHave you ever given up on an audio book because you didn’t like the voice of the reader?  Or have you listened to one of an author’s books in audio format and loved it, but then found when you tried to read another book by that author, that you just couldn’t get into it?  The quality of the reader’s voice is comparable to a writer’s style –- hard to define, very personal in its ability to draw you in (or not), and one of the things that makes recommending a book to another person less than the pure science we’d like it to be.


The time has finally come; the end of one of my favorite series. Sure it was a trilogy, but it was just so darn fun! The characters, the setting, the action, the plot; every element about the story was amazing. It was a great way to finish the series. Alan Cumming is once again narrating the story, and once again he does an outstanding job.


Alek and Deryn, I mean, Dylan are back for the second installment of the Leviathan Trilogy. Picking up directly after the close of Leviathan, Behemoth finds Alek and Dylan racing toward Istanbul in hopes of keeping the Ottoman Empire out of the conflict between the Clanker Germans and the Darwinist British Empire. Neither teen knows all of the other's secrets, but they have become friends. Their friendship is tested as Alek and part of his contingent escape the airship Leviathan and become caught up in the rising rebellion against the Ottoman sultan. In addition, Dylan struggles with her desire to tell Alek her true gender as she begins hoping he will see her as more than a friend.

New Audio TItles

Then Again by Diane KeatonLooking for something new to listen to?  You can always find our recently cataloged CDs on the New Titles page -- there's a link in the Menu section to the left and another link at the very top of the page.  These lists are updated each month and are a great way to find the newest arrivals to the HCPL collection.  While some, like Diane Keaton's autobio

Medieval CSI

Mistress of the Art of DeathTravel back to the twelfth century with this historical mystery featuring an early crime scene investigator in Ariana Franklin's Mistress of the Art of Death.  Sent to medieval Cambridge to exonerate Jewish prisoners with financial ties to King Henry II, University of Salerno medical examiner Adelia Aguilar struggles to avoid being accused of witchcraft and discovers that the killer she searches for may be a

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