Classic Horror and Detective Fiction

Dracula by Bram StokerWell finally.  Some cooler weather comes our way and just in time for Halloween.  To complement the mood, here are a novel, a novella, and three story collections guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine...  Dracula, by Bram Stoker -- The tale of the infamous Count Dracula is also a story of six mortals desperate enough to hunt and destroy him:  Mina Harker and her lawyer husband Jonathan, millionaire adventurer Quincey Morris, Lord Godalming, Dr.

Listen while you work (or clean! or drive!)

We all love our audio books- I know that I would be lost without mine! My commute is at least 45 minutes in rush hour traffic, and listening to audio books keeps me from losing it from all the crazy drivers out there!

I know there are some genres that aren't 'audio friendly' to some people, because they just don't translate as well for listening as it does reading. It loses its punch, so to speak. Now, there are some that are way better than the book, because it takes you there, and drops you right in the middle of all the characters. Sometimes hearing a soothing voice in a contemporary novel makes it easier to enjoy.

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I was a little hesitant about picking up Leviathan, because I wasn’t a fan of Westerfeld’s Uglies series. It didn’t grab my attention as much as I thought it would. I decided to pick up the audio for Leviathan, because my commute had just been extended by 40 minutes, and I discovered that Alan Cumming was the reader.

Island Beneath the Sea

Island Beneath the SeaA perfect audio selection for Hispanic Heritage Month would be Isabel Allende's recent novel, Island Beneath the Sea, translated from the Spanish by

September 11

Wake-Up CallThis date will be imprinted forever in the minds of all Americans old enough to remember the events of that morning ten years ago.  Here are some audiobooks that examine the terror attacks and their aftermath, from the point of view of novelists, journalists, and memoirists:

Auto Audio Class

classroomAs much as I love listening to audiobooks in my car, sometimes I just long to hear a human voice talking, rather than reading to me.  That means it’s time to take a break from the books on CD and check out something from Modern Scholar or Great Courses.  These two series present audio recordings of college lectures from some of the country’s top professors, and while that may sound a little dry and uninteresting, these CDs are anything but. 

Rave Reviews for The Emerald Atlas

I have been listening to,The Emerals Atlas, and it's something that I think you will enjoy. This is a paced fantasy fiction book that will grab your attention and leave you wanting more. What makes the audio edition so special is that it's read by Jim Dale...enough said. 

Family Friendly Audiobooks

Desert Road by Walker.CarpenterI can’t tell you how many times in the past couple of weeks I’ve had a parent come talk to me and say, “We’re going on a long car trip and need a good audiobook for the whole family” or “I need to find something that will appeal to my teens, but we can listen to with their grandmother.”  Long car rides with the family are a great way of connecting with stories and with one another.  Below I’ve listed a few audiobooks that I think would be good fare for a family car trip.  What do you recommend?

Change in InterLibrary Loan

Beginning June 1, 2011, Harris County Public Library is implementing a change to our interlibrary loan (ILL) service.  Effective that day, we will no longer offer ILL service for the following material types:  DVDs, VHS titles and music (CD/cassette). 

We will continue to offer ILL service for books, audio books in CD or cassette formats, periodical articles, photocopies and microform. 

See the Interlibrary Loan Policy for the full policy.

Worse Than Driving with a Cell Phone

BossypantsI only watch Saturday Night Live occasionally, and I rarely watch stand-up comedy on TV.  (Yes, I do have a sense of humor in spite of this.)  However, I cannot stop listening to the audiobook of Tina Fey’s new Bossypants.  I listen to it as I’m driving, and more than once I’ve had to turn it off so I could stop laughing long enough to be a responsible driver.  I recommend the audiobook over the book so you can hear Tina Fey herself deliver the lines as only she can do.


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