June's Display Case

For the month of June, I was placed in charge of the display case in the GP lobby. To start, beginning June 4th we kicked off Harris County Public Library's 2010 Summer Reading Program. This year’s children’s theme is 'Catch the Reading Express'. SRP 2010 Display caseCoinciding with that theme, I made a 3D train and added some books about summer reading fun. 

The Summer Thriller Theater at GP

Are you tired of all of this Summer Heat?  My friends the meteorologists say that it is going to get even warmer.  One good way to stay cool is to beat the heat at your local library.  At the Galena Park Branch, we will be showing a series of free movies throughout the summer.  Yep... it is a free movie and free is always free.  Rest assured that we will be playing some of the most interesting movies ever.  Our next movie will be a show about some animated toys.  I really think that a lot of you will like this.  It will be two movies shown back to back starting at 2:00 PM on Thursday 17 June 2010.  Feel free to bring your own snacks to the movie!!

It's about to be the Busiest Time of the Year

The summer season is the busiest time of the year for the Galena Park Branch.  Every day presents a new challenges, adventures, and discoveries.  The summer of 2010 will be no exception.


Our branch will continue to offer some of the very best movies during the summer.  Our movies are free and open to all interested persons.  And yes, you can continue to bring your own snacks to enjoy during the movie.

Computer classes will continue at our branch.  At the present time, we offer classes every other Saturday and every other Tuesday.  During the summer, we will be offering a class on Tuesday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Our May Display Case!

This month holds a few very important holidays! On the 5th of the month there was Cinco de Mayo which commemorated the Battle of Puebla! Cinco de Mayo Display Case

The ARD Process Admission, Review, and Dismissal

Do ARD meetings make you nervous? Do you need help understanding your child's rights? This program will help you with all your questions. A community volunteer will be at our branch to help parents learn about the ARD process.  We understand that it could be a frightening experience but it does not have to be as such.  Participants in this session will learn how to work with the school teachers and diagnosticians.  The best part is learning how to take care of our best academic assets - our kids. This session will take place on Thurday, May 20, 2010 at 10:30 AM.