Early Voting for the November 3, 2009 Joint Election

Early voting is open for registered Harris County Voters to cast votes to elect:  Houston Mayor, Houston Controller, HCC Board of Trustees, HISD Trustees and to decide on Eleven (11) Texas Constitutinal Amendments.  A nonpartisan Voters Guide that is published by the League of Women Voters of the Houston Area is available at the library. 

There is currently a very small minimum wait time to cast your vote.  As long as you reside inside Harris County, a registered voter may cast their ballot at any early voting location.  If our branch is near where you work, travel, or spend your free time, we certainly invite you over to our branch to visit and cast your vote.  Our veteran election crew would be glad to assist you.


Harris County Homeowner Disaster Recovery Program

The Harris County Homeowner Disaster Recovery Program (HDRP) is a voluntary program to assist homeowners who reside in Harris County but outside the City of Houston, whose homes were affected by Hurricane Ike by providing financial assistance to repair damage and when necessary reconstruct home.

Eligibility Requirements

Free Immunizations with the Harris County Immunization Outreach Mobile Team

The Galena Park Branch has partnered with the Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services to provide free immunizations.  The immunizations will be provided primarily to children ages 0-35 months.  Adults are also welcome to attend the event and receive any required or recommended immunizations.  As of January, 2008, the IOMT provides most vaccines to qualified children (children on CHIP, Medicaid, no insurance or under-insured) and adults (no insurance or under-insured) at no cost.

Are You Interested in a little bit of Galena Park History?

If you are a long time graduate of the Galena Park schools, you may be interested in seeing some of the year books that we have located at the circulation desk.  We have some very old Galena Park High School yearbooks and a few not so very old yearbooks.  Please visit the library and take a look at them.  Check out the new and old hair styles.  Look a pictures of what Galena Park used to look like as well as businesses that used to thrive in Galena Park. We have also acquired a new book on the history of the City of Galena Park.  We hope to see you soon!

Have you ever heard a book talk?

A new source for checking out books is to take a look at our HCPL Digital Media Catalog.  We are currently adding more library resources to this part of our catalog.  Some of the newer books and more popular items may be available for download to several compatible devices.  So what is so special about this, well, there is no late fees, and if you need to place a hold on an item, you will receive an email when the item is available.  The best part of using our Digital Media Catalog is that the library virtually never closes.  Our Digital Media Catalog can be accessed anywhere in the world by just using your Harris County Public Library Card and the internet.  Audiobooks, eBooks, and videos may be downloaded for free.  Don't forget to download the free Digital Media Software