Need a Job? US Census is Testing at the Galena Park Branch

The US Census will be conducting pre-employment testing at the Galena Park Branch.  The testing will take place in the library's conference room. The first scheduled date for testing will be on Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 9:00 AM.  All interested individuals are encouraged to make initial contact with the Census Bureau by calling the toll free number at 866-861-2010.  At that time, you will be asked to punch in you zip code and then immediately referred to Miriam Alejos or a member of her professional staff.  Ms. Alejos and her staff are Recruiting for Eastern Harris County.  If you happen to miss that date due to a conflict, there will be other testing dates in January 2010.

Conference Room

The Galena Park Branch has a conference room that is available to various community organizations who wish to have meetings.  The conference room may reserved for a simple one time event or for a few future events.  If needed, the conference room can be divided in half to provide two different organizations an opportunity to conduct their program.  There are chairs and tables that are available for use.  There is no cost for using the confernence/meeting room.  For questions regarding availability, please call the branch.

Holiday Happenings @ HCPL

Get into the holiday spirit with HCPL! Harris County Public Libraries will have holiday programs throughout the month of December. We have programs for all ages and with a variety of themes. Listed below are our holiday programs grouped into the following categories: All Ages, Adults, Teens, and Children. Visit here for more programs. Please keep in mind some events may require registration. For more information on events, please contact the library.

Happy Holidays

All Ages

Have you ever traveled to Colombia, Peru, or Mexico?

During this month, we are featuring a display of items from Colombia, Peru, and Mexico in our display case.  All of the items that are being displayed were collected by our Children's Librarian during her trips to the area.  Come by and looks at the exciting hats that are worn by the people of that area. In the display are miniature houses, pottery, and other items of interest.  There are also several books in the library that also provide additional information on the South American Countries.  If you have a question about the area, we may be able to provide an answer to you.

If you would like to share items for a future display, please contact the branch for display case availability.