Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Chilean Rain SticksTissue Paper FlowersCome celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Tuesday, September 18th at 4:00 pm with traditional music and crafts from several countries in Latin America. We will be making a Chilean rain stick, a Mola from Panama, and tissue paper flowers from Mexico. Come join the fun at your library!

Meet the Galena Park Adult Summer Reading Program Winner!

Adult Summer Reading ProgramCongratulations to the Galena Park Adult Summer Reading Program winner Gloria Yado!  Gloria registered for our 2012 Adult Summer Reading program online when she was registering her son for the Children's Summer Reading Program.  Both Mom and son love to read!  Gloria has been coming to the Galena Park Library since she was in 3rd grade and now gets to share her love of reading with little Alexander.  Congratulations Gloria!

Learn How to Use Digital Cameras @ Your Library!

Join instructor Hugo Ortega at 1 pm on Wednesday August 8th to learn about using digital cameras! If you have a digital camera, please bring it with you to the class in the new Computer Lab at the Galena Park Library. Please call for more information: 713-450-0982

eBooks & More @ Your Library!

Adults, join us in the Computer Lab at 1 pm this Wednesday August 1st, to explore the HCPL digitial media catalog. You will also learn how to download eMedia to your iPad, Nook or Kindle. If you have an eReader, please bring it to class with you. If you don't have an eReader, the Galena Park Library eReaders will be available for sharing among class members during the computer class.  Library cards are required for this class. Please call for more information: 713-450-0982

Traveling Naturalist Visits Galena Park

We had a great time Thursday  with Ms. Anne from the Nature Discovery Center learning what mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish have in common.  Can you guess what they have in common? ... A backbone!! Ms. Anne showed us different animal skeletons, some snake skins, a turtle’s shell, and she also brought her friends Autumn (a corn snake) and Lilly (a California white rabbit) for us to pet.
Next week we will have our friend Greg Ruhe, with Puppet Pizzazz! So get ready for an exciting show with huge, life size puppets. See you at the Community Center Thursday August 2 at 3 pm for an awesome puppet show.