Passing of Dorothy Bowyer, Jacinto City Branch Library's First Librarian

We have sad news to report today.  Jacinto City Branch Library's first Librarian, Dorothy Bowyer, passed away yesterday in her assisted living home, she was 92 years old.  Dorothy was a substitute teacher with Whittier Elementary School before she helped establish the Harris County Public Library in Jacinto City in 1958 and became the first librarian of the branch. 

Branch Adult SRP 2013 Winner

Congratulations to Joy Carswell, Jacinto City Branch Library’s 2013 Adult Summer Reading Program Winner.  She won a $30 gift card from, donated by the HCPL Friends Council.

Joy said she never wins anything and was so excited to her that she won the prize for Jacinto City Branch Library.  She has loved reading books since she was a child.  Her favorite type of book is Murder Detective Mysteries and will read just about anything else.  Joy does not know what she would do if she could not read books.  She has been a customer of the Jacinto City Branch Library for 12 years.  Congratulations again Joy for being our branch’s 2013 Adult Summer Reading Program Winner.

End of Summer Teen Henna Party 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Thursday, August 8th

We're having a Henna Party for all teens ages 13 to 17 that have a signed permission slip.  Once you have your permission slip, join us in the Meeting Room to have your Henna tattoo done.  They are temporary tattoos.

End of Summer Reading Program Party! 3:00 pm Wednesday, August 7th

We're celebrating the end of the 2013 Summer Reading Program with a Finger Painting Party for all ages.  So come on in to the Meeting Room and join us for some painting fun!  We hope to see all of you at 3:00 pm.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla portraitYou might ask who is Nikola Tesla.

We have all heard of Thomas Alva Edison - the man behind the first commercially efficient light bulb and the direct current (DC). However, during the same time, Tesla and George Westinghouse - the man who funded Tesla's works -  were demonstrating how an alternating current (AC) was more practical to develop since it could transmit electricity to further distances than Edison's direct current and require even thinner wires. This is not unlike other competitions we have seen since then: the VHS/Betamax format war or the Apple vs Microsoft operating system battle or, the more current, Apple and Samsung smartphone war.

The Battle of Currents had begun and in the end the United States electrical grid switched to the AC form of electric power.

Aside from this, Tesla worked on several other things including a tower which