cometsThe Lyrid meteor shower has been occurring since April 16 and will peak tonight on April 22 after moonset and continue until at least 3 in the morning. So if you are an avid star gazer, then be sure to look overhead from north to east! For more information please click here.


Cows of the Sea

ManateeDid you know April is the National Manatee Awareness month?

Para los niños "For the Children"

Come and join us for our first in a series of Para los niños "For the Children" programs at a 11AM on Saturday, April 10th.  It's a parent and child learning program with activities in English and Spanish.  A parent or guardian participation is required.  Free Children's Museum Passes will be given out for participating.  We hope to see you at the program!


AlaskaOn April 9, 1867 the United States bought the Alaskan Territory from the Russians for $7.2 million. The purchase of the territory added a total of 586,412 square miles to the United States. That is almost twice the size of Texas! And I thought things were always bigger here.

Teen Laptop Classes

Yesterday's laptop classes ended the second month of our Teen Laptop Class series.  The classes are going to continue through August.  Our topic was "Google Translator"  It was a great learning experience!  We learned how to translate words and sentences into numerous languages.  Some languages even let us hear how to pronounce what we typed in!   

Watch our calendar for our classes in April.  If you have any ideas for future classes, talk to Branch Librarian Stephanie or Circulation Assistant Hugo.