Teen Laptop Class

We're having Teen Laptop Class today at 4:30 PM.  Today's topic is Images.  Have you ever had problems finding images for projects or documents?  We have some websites that can help.  So, come to class today and learn about Images and where you can find them for free on the Internet!

Do You Know Your World History?

On May 7, 1945 the ruling German leader Karl Dönitz sent German General Alfred Jodl to Reims, France to negotiate world war 2and sign the unconditional surrender of Germany. This would effectively end the Atlantic theatre of World War II the following day. Before committing suicide alongside his wife Eva Braun in Berlin, Adolf Hitler left a will in which he appointed Dönitz as the President of Germany. Hitler also appointed Joseph Goebbles as Chancellor of Germany but he committed suicide shortly after Hitler did. Toward the end of the war, it became common for high ranking Nazi officials to commit suicide in order to avoid capture and public execution. On the Allied side of the negotiations was Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Para los niños "For the Children"

This Saturday, May 1st, we're having a Para los niños "For the Children" program at 11:00 AM in our Children's Area.  All activities will be in English and Spanish.  Please come and join us for this Parent and Child Learning Program.  A parent or guardian participation is required.  Free Children's Museum passes will be given out for participating. 


cometsThe Lyrid meteor shower has been occurring since April 16 and will peak tonight on April 22 after moonset and continue until at least 3 in the morning. So if you are an avid star gazer, then be sure to look overhead from north to east! For more information please click here.


Cows of the Sea

ManateeDid you know April is the National Manatee Awareness month?