Create your own email account

On Thursday, May 12 at 6 p.m., your Jacinto City Library will have a computer class to teach any participants how to create their own email account. There is no registration and walk ins are welcome. Come and join us to learn how to use an email as a tool to communicate with friends and family!

Computer Classes!

Computer classes will soon be available at your Jacinto City Library. Courses that will be taught include:

The Civil War

picture of book cover which says American Heritage: The Civil War On April 12, 1861,  150 years ago, Confederate forces launched an attack on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. Fort Sumter was one of the few bases still under the control of the Union in Southern territory. This effectively began the American Civil War, a costly war in which over 625,000 soldiers from both North and South forces were killed – more Americans killed than in both world wars combined. The war lasted from 1861 to 1865. For more information on the American Civil War, please visit your Jacinto City Library.

How Well Do You Know Your Sun?

Book cover with a picture of the sunSun-Earth Day, which is celebrated in March, was created by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) to spread facts about the Sun and its relation to life on Earth. Did you know the surface of the Sun, or its photosphere, is over 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit? That's relatively cool compared to its core's temperature which is a mind-boggling 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its size and mass, the sun's gravitational pull is 28 times greater than on Earth. Therefore a person weighing 150 pounds here will weigh 4,200 pounds on the Sun. However, exactly how does the Sun affect life on Earth? Plants need sunlight to undergo photosynthesis and produce oxygen for life on Earth.

Spring has sprung and now it is time for fun!

Book titled "The Spring Equinox"Are you looking for some fun and excitement but do not know what to do? Then you should stop by your Jacinto City Library for some help! Your library has a brochure stand near the adult magazines which seems to show little signs of use. In this stand are a bunch of useful ideas to assist you in choosing where to have that next family outing. From the educational Johnson Space Center to the cool Schlitterbahn Park, there are dozens of available options for you. Some of the brochures even have special savings inside. That sounds swell to me. If you have trouble finding it please feel free to ask one of the staff members.