Do You Want to Know a Secret?

The Galena Park Branch will once again be an early voting location.  Traditionally, not a lot of people come to our branch to cast their vote.  Based on my experience at Galena Park, voters can come and vote with relative ease.  Voters should be able to be in and out well within five minutes.  Make sure to bring your friends, family, and neighbors to vote.  I am proud to announce that we have the same Early Voting crew comming back and they would like to have your voting business.  They would like to visit with their old friends and make new friends.  I would like to invite every registered voter to come and vote at our branch.  While visiting the branch, make sure to brouse through the ever growing collection of books and DVD's that are available for checkout.  If you do not have a library card, be sure to apply for one.  That too also takes just only a few minutes and it is FREE!!

The Iranian Revolution

The History of IranThis week on February 11, 1979, Iranians will celebrate the 31st anniversary since the end of the Islamic Revolution. After growing hostility, Iranians united to revolt against the monarch of Iran under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini. Though the monarch opened up international ties with the United States, Iranians viewed American culture as offensive to their own belief system. Many saw the monarch as nothing more than a puppet of western society. And so began over a year of protests that would eventually dethrone the monarch Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. The end of these protests came on the eleventh.

Teen Laptop Class

Today was the first day of the Teen Laptop Classes.  Our topic was Internet Safety.  Everyone enjoyed the class and  looking forward to our class next Thursday on Internet Basics.  The class is for Teens ages 13 to 18.  


Exotic India

IndiaIndia is home of the beautiful Taj Mahal, which was built by Emperor Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. India has a rich culture and a distinctive cuisine unlike anywhere else. It is also the seventh largest country in the world and the second most populated. After long being a part of the British East India Company, India gained its sovereignty to officially become the Republic of India on this day sixty years ago - January 26, 1950. It took many years to gain independence and many battles to accomplish it.

Going Green

Practically Green BookLiving green is as important now as it may ever be. But what exactly does living green mean? Does it mean using an alternative source of energy or buying biodegradable products? It is surprising how these green changes can affect our way of life not only by saving money in the long run, but by resulting in a better world to live in.