Summer Kick-Off Party

Yesterday the Jacinto City Library hosted the Children’s Summer Reading Club Kick-Off Party. Over 50 children and adults attended making the official commencement of the Summer Reading Program a great success. We presented a short film which taught the partygoers how to make balloon animals. Afterward, the staff and volunteers handed the kids several inflated balloons and allowed them to create till their heart’s content. Needless to say, the liveliness of the kids along with the balloon twisting could be heard throughout the library and several of our curious customers took time to investigate what was going on. Once the children settled, volunteers served cake and punch. The Jacinto City staff hopes you will join us for the following Children's Summer Craft Programs. They occur every Thursday at 2:30 p.m. See you there!

Summer Reading Program Starts Soon!

Guess what time it is!  It's time for the Summer Reading Program!  Sign-ups start Friday, June 4th for Children, Teens, and Adults.  Stop by and sign-up and start reading!  We hope to double our Adult readers this summer, so Adults, don't forget we have a program for you too.

The Immortal Dracula

DraculaThe fictional character Count Dracula was first introduced this month one hundred and thirteen years ago on May 1897. Dracula was written by Irish author Bram Stocker.

The ARD Process Admission, Review, and Dismissal

Do ARD meetings make you nervous? Do you need help understanding your child's rights? This program will help you with all your questions. A community volunteer will be at our branch to help parents learn about the ARD process.  We understand that it could be a frightening experience but it does not have to be as such.  Participants in this session will learn how to work with the school teachers and diagnosticians.  The best part is learning how to take care of our best academic assets - our kids. This session will take place on Thurday, May 20, 2010 at 10:30 AM.

Teen Laptop Class

We're having Teen Laptop Class today at 4:30 PM.  Today's topic is Images.  Have you ever had problems finding images for projects or documents?  We have some websites that can help.  So, come to class today and learn about Images and where you can find them for free on the Internet!