Halloween Safety

Halloween is tomorrow! And parents need to consider their children's safety. A very important rule is to carry some form of lighting, such as flashlights or glowsticks. With dozens of people sharing the streets with drivers, we all have to make sure to be extra careful to avoid any incidents. Something else to consider is to revise all given candy to inspect for any possible and hazardous tampering. Children should always look both ways before crossing a street to ensure there is no oncoming traffic headed their way. With this in mind, we at the Jacinto City Library wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

Harris County Homeowner Disaster Recovery Program

The Harris County Homeowner Disaster Recovery Program (HDRP) is a voluntary program to assist homeowners who reside in Harris County but outside the City of Houston, whose homes were affected by Hurricane Ike by providing financial assistance to repair damage and when necessary reconstruct home.

Eligibility Requirements

National Business Women's Week

The week of October 19th - October 25th is National Business Women's Week.  Beginning in 1928, the week celebrates the contributions America's working women to society, the economy, and the family.  It is held annually the third Monday of October with nationwide special activities.  For more information, go to Business and Professional Women/USA,  www.bpwusa.org.  

If you are interested in starting your own business, ask a member of the Jacinto City Branch Library Staff about our Business Collection.  We have books on starting your own business, as well as books to help you with running your business, such as hiring staff and accounting books.  We'll be happy to help you find the books in this collection and put holds on titles you don't see on our shelves.


Marie AntoinetteOn October 16, 1793, Queen Marie Antoinette of France was executed during the French Revolution. She was only 37 years old. But her life was one to go down in history where she would be regarded, wrongfully, as one of the greatest villainous monarchs of France. Although her actions during the final days of the crown may have been grossly exaggerated, many books and even a movie have been produced retelling the final years of royal rule in France.

Alan Moore, Author/Artist

v for vendettaAs a writer, Alan Moore introduced many to a philosophical questioning of our surroundings and forced even the fair-minded to realize just how ramshackled our perceptions of society really are.