Apple Pie in July!

Join us at Eats & Treats Monday at 3 pm to create a fabulous apple pie. All teens 12-18 are welcome!

Craft Connection - Saturday, July 12th at 10:00 am

                 Lucky Stars



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Infant Rhyme Time

 Join us Tuesdays at  11:15 am for fun activities gear for children 18 months.



Garter SnakeSnakes…why did it have to be snakes?  Join us on Tuesday, July 8th at 3:00 & 4:00 PM for a visit from Snake Man!  See his wide assortment of snakes and learn all about how snakes are beneficial predators in our ecosystem.  (Hey, someone has to eat those pesky rats and mice.)  This program is appropriate for school-age children and families are welcome.  Tickets will be

Computer Classe - July 5, 2014

                     1:00 pm - Computer 101

                 3:30 pm - Internet 101



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