Happy Valentine's Day!

  Friends of the Library will be here today with their annual

                       Valentine's Day Giveaway 

                             Supplies are limited

Savvy Stitchers

knittingDo you enjoy knitting, crochet, or other yarn arts?  Then you should stop by the Savvy Stitchers!  The Savvy Stitchers meet weekly on Thursday at 4:00 PM in our Magazine Area to work on yarn crafts and trade tips and techniques.  All ages are welcome to attend.  Whether you are a novice or an expert, the Savvy Stichers is a great place for you!

Knitting image by flickr user Nuwandalice.

Children's Harlem Renaissance Festival Thursday

Children's Harlem Renaissance FestivalJoin us Thursday, February 13 at 10:30 am for our 6th Annual Harlem Renaissance Festival.  Musicians from the Harlem Renaissance will be featured as the highlight of our program. Children and their families will get a chance to dance, snack and be merry to the tune of musicians like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.    Come in and vote for your favorite musician.  

What I Will Be Reading This Weekend...

Well, I have a lot going on this weekend but I hope to get a start on this book.  I have the print version of Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale sitting at home on my coffee table just waiting for me to curl up under a blanket with a fire going.  This book tells the story of a middle-aged Irish thief who meets a dying privileged young woman when robbing her house. They fall in love,  but that is only the beginning of the story.  This book begins its tale during the turn of the century New York and continues to modern day, with many of the same characters.

Explore the World of Healthy Eating

Saturday, February 8th at 10:30 am

              What is Omega 3?

What foods should be on my grocery list?

              Is it true some foods 
              contain healthy fats?

             Presentation and Q&A by
Natalie Sessions, Registered Nutritionist