Teen Pasta Statues

Pasta StatuesPasta Statues

Teens, join us Monday, 6/11/12 at 2:30pm for our Pasta Statues program.  Make yourself out of pasta... or make who you WANT to be out of pasta.  Your choice.

Good Dog!

Are you fed up with Fido?  Does Rover run you over?  Then come on Friday, June 15 from 2:00 to 3:00pm, when a professional dog trainer will be here to give advice on how to raise a well behaved dog.

P.S. People only may attend!

New Anime & Manga Club

Manga GirlBe on the lookout!  The Katy Library Anime & Manga Club is starting up on Wednesday, June 27th at 6:00pm.  We'll be meeting on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 6:00-7:00pm.  

Who Do You Think You Are?

Are you a fan of this popular tv show?  Well, celebrities aren't the only ones with interesting ancestors!   Come to our Genealogy Lunchbox, which is held on Mondays at noon in our lab and fellow genealogists can help you get started searching your family tree!  You can access ancestry.com here in the library and other helpful genealogy websites.

Top Adult Non-fiction Books at the Katy Library

Ever wonder what your neighbors are reading? Here are some of the top-circulating adult non-fiction books from last month at the Katy Library:

12 Day Body Shaping MiracleThe 12 Day Body Shaping Miracle by Michael Thurmond