Teen Tech Week!!!

 Teen Tech Week is here!! As teens, I know you loooove technology! :) I do to!!! And have we got technology! Are you like me and you're e-reader is with you all the time? How about your iPod? I don't go anywhere without one of my favorite gadgets. I couldn't imagine being without my music, the internet or a good book!! Which is one of the reasons I'm so grateful for the library! I totally can't afford to buy every book I want to read and with access to our digital catalog, I can check out books that I've been dying to read, but just don't have the money to purchase. And I don't have to worry about fines! When the book is due, it will expire and I no longer have access to it on my computer or my e-reader. That's one less book to worry about returning!

Rearranging the "furniture"

If you've paid us a visit upstairs recently, you might have noticed things are not where they used to be!  Now that we've been open for almost a year, we've been able to see how things could be improved based on customers' use of and comments about the library.  One of those improvements involves the location of certain parts of the adult collection.  So, in response to you, our customers, we're rearranging some of the collection.  The large type section is now closer to the front.  Also, due to the fact that fiction tends to be in higher demand than nonfiction, we're swapping places between these two.  That involves quite a bit of shifting since they are our two largest collections, and that naturally takes a little bit of time.  You'll probably also notice a few other smaller sections that aren't in the same place, but rest assured, it will all be a worthwhile change in the end.  Thank you for your patience as we make this adjustment for you, our customers!

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Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month! Celebrate by reading about women's rights and all the amazing women who have fought so hard over the years to win us these freedoms! From the early 1800's on up the the 1960's, women fought hard for simple things like the right to vote and equal pay. These are things that we take for granted as modern young women. But a hundred years ago? In 1911, women still did not have the right to vote and did not receive equal wages. Pick up a book and read about some of these amazing women.


The first Thursday of every month is ZumbAtomic FREE at the Kingwood Library. ZumbAtomic, designed especially for children ages 4-12 is a fun, energetic fitness party which incorporates urban dance styles like hip hop, reggaeton and pop with concepts such as coordination, discipline, confidence and teamwork. . Parents and siblings are welcome and encouraged to join  the fun.

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Dr. Seuss birthday celebration: Tues. March 1st at 10:30 am

Come help us celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday and Read Across America during next week's preschool storytime. We will read Green Eggs and Ham, do a craft and might even see an appearance of that crazy Cat in the Hat.