Banned Books Week

This week is Banned Books Week, when libraries and other institutions everywhere celebrate the freedom to read and reemphasize the importance of the First Amendment.  Here at our branch, we've set up a book display in the second-floor lobby with many of those titles that have been challenged at various times and places in the near and distant past.  Some of those you see may surprise you!  Also, if you're curious, take a look at the American Library Association's site here for an ample list of few of the most challenged classics over the years along with the reasons they were banned.  You just might get interested in reading some of them yourself!

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Now in the Meeting Room Hispanic Heritage Program

Come join our Hispanic group club de Damas in the Community Room until 3:30 pm today. They are talking about the ancient culture of the Mayans and contemporary Hispanic countries. Come join the fun and learn at the same time.

Fun times in the Children's Area

Dragoneers Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a Mexican tin art craft. Come join us on Thursday, September 23 at 4 pm, guests are welcome.

Sign-up for our next three Toddler Times will begin on Monday, October 25. You may call or sign-up in person. Each of the groups will be limited to 15 toddlers.

We will be having an animated movie on Friday, September 24 at 4 pm. The movie is about 45 minutes long.  Free popcorn will be served.

Hispanic Heritage program

Join us on Thursday, September 23rd, from 11:00 AM to 3:45 PM in the Community Room as local ladies Hispanic group Club de Damas will be available to present music and discussion about the ancient culture of the Mayans and contemporary Hispanic Countries.  Don't miss this free and informative event!



Who's missing you ask? You are! From The Hideout! School's back in session, and I know you all are busy, but be sure to swing by the library for some down time. I've been getting in some great new books lately and I for one, would hate to be stuck @ home on the weekend with only my school books to read

So if it's your face that should be on the milk carton, then you've been away too long  Be sure to stop by this week for a good book. Oh, and maybe next week I'll have a surprise for all you crafty-types out there!