I Spy a Former Spy

Cover of Book The Mysterious Private ThompsonIn the late-nineteenth century, a former spy for the Union Army lived in La Porte. The most remarkable fact about this person is that the spy was a woman who posed as a man so that she could join the Union army during the Civil War. Her birth name was Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmonson (sometimes listed as Edmondson). She joined the 2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry under the alias Frank Thompson. She became a spy and completed 12 secret missions behind enemy lines, using various disguises.


Will you be watching the Packers versus the Steelers on Super Bowl Sunday? The library has some fantastic books to get you ready like The Billion Dollar Game: Behind the Scenes of the Greatest Day in American Sport .So enjoy the game, the commercials and the food.

The Inside Scoop While Job Hunting

Ever wonder how to find information about a company from an insider's perspective? There is a database that provides such information: glassdoor.com: an inside look at jobs & companies. To join the database is completely free, and it gives information posted by employees or former employees about salaries, interview questions, etc. for various companies. To access from our website, click on Databases, then Business, then Glassdoor.com.


This is the question we are getting regularly. In past years we would have already received all our forms and publications. However, the late passage of the tax bill in Congress has delayed the printing of the forms. We hope to have most of them out next week. In the meantime you can visit the Internal Revenue Service website www.irs.gov .


Just in time for the really cold weather we have a fun display for the month of January. Ms. Sallie Gann has graciously lent us a portion of her snowman collection. As you can see from the picture, there are all shapes and sizes. Her grandson Blake helped choose just the right ones for the display. Stop by and see it and while you are here choose some hard freeze reading material.