Join Mr. D. Wednesday, February 23 at 3:15 for the first session of Afterschool Science Time. This week we will be exploring quicksand. Yipes! Don't get swallowed up......Come and find out about this scientific phenomenon.







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Opera to go! is this week!

Picture of Dog SingingThe performance by Opera to Go! that was cancelled due to the recent blizzard will be given on Thursday, February 24, at 4:30 p.m. The show Storybook Opera, “The Dog Who Sang at the Opera” is based on the true story of a wolfhound who upstages an opera diva. This 30-minute presentation is for all ages and will be held on the main floor of the library.  We have it from reliable sources that the show is fabulous! Come one, come all!!!

Intriguing Book on La Porte History

Spine of book La Porte A Social History, 1832-1952

“There was a picture show started after WWI near Main and Five Points. Mr. I. W. Rust was the manager. He had a Studebaker engine rigged up to a generator to run the electricity. When the engine would fail (which was quite often), they would flash the lights and announce that the same show would be shown the following night at no charge. Everyone would get up and go home and come back the next night.”


Are you sometimes in a rush to grab a book and head out the door? Then you will be pleased to hear that La Porte Community Library now has two Self-Check stations which will allow you to scan your own items. There will always be our friendly circulation staff on hand to help you whether on self-check or at the full service line. Come on in and try out our new "toy."


Hey teens and tweens join us Wednesday, February 9 at 4:00pm for another fun craft time. You will be making salt dough hearts for Valentine's Day. They make a great little present for someone special.


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